Sunday, January 24, 2010

A BooBoo & A Seahorse

This is not related to babies or married people, but look what I did today! I twisted my ankle and fell down on the concrete resulting in torn tights and a bleeding knee:
Underneath that band aid is a big, mangled, bleeding mess. OUCH.

Anyway, most people get really excited over baby clothes, but I get excited over baby TOYS because I can play with them too! They are usually bright, colorful, and play kind of toy. So Steve and I have only bought our baby two toys so far and this is my favorite one:

It's the softest (and cutest) little seahorse ever! When you push on it's tummy it plays different lullabies and makes underwater sounds. One of the songs it plays is Pachelbel's Canon in D aka the song I walked down the aisle to! My niece Maleigha has this seahorse and she loves it and I watched a bunch of YouTube videos of babies being instantly soothed by this seahorse. So at least once a day we put the seahorse on my belly and play the lullabies for the baby. Hopefully once he is here, he will recognize the music and it will soothe him too.

I mean, the music calms me down so it's worth a shot, right?

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  1. :O I didnt realize your knee was that bad!! :(:( make sure to ice it up!!