Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome to "The Nutshell"

Hello friends and family! I was inspired to start this blog by the wonderful and amazing Kandee Johnson who is a mother, makeup artist, and all around amazing person and role model. ( Anyway, I want to use this blog to document my journey as a wifey and a new mommy (in approximately 5 months!). I don't really want to put all of this up on Facebook to share with everyone because believe it or not, A LOT of people don't like babies, children, or married people. If you need proof of this, visit and look at the babies/children section...then read some of the comments people write!
This way, only people who care about babies, children, and married people will be visiting this blog!
Anyway... here is me becoming a wifey on June 21st, 2008:

Wait, let's back up a second.
Here is me and Steve on our first date, November 19th, 2005:

And here is me and Steve right after he proposed on March 18th, 2007:

So, that leaves a pretty big gap between June 21st, 2008 and January 22, 2010 but here is the most exciting thing that happened to us between that time and it occurred on October 18, 2009 (yes, I am really big on remembering dates!):

Yes people, I peed on those! And TA-DA!!! look what happened!
And now I look like this:

18 weeks pregnant and getting bigger by the day O_O.
So check back here often for more of "sparkleseester as wife and mommy!"
p.s. sparkleseester is ME! it's the name I use for all things internet :)

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