Saturday, February 20, 2010


This past week has been really exciting for me for 3 reasons!

Reason #1:
On Wednesday, my Seester (aka Stephanie) came to visit me and brought my niece Maleigha too! I love seeing my Seester, she is one of my BESTEST friends ever and she always makes me laugh so hard that I almost pee my pants... O_O which is becoming more literal as the baby gets heavier! (EW! haha)
Anyway... I took Sees to the MAC counter inside Macy's and got her a little makeover for Christmas/her birthday (AND because I just loved spoiling her...she IS my little sister:))

Miss Maleigha waiting patiently in her little car stroller while mommy got beautified:

And here is Seester after her makeover!:

Ooo La La!
Thanks for coming to see me Seester! Love you!!

Reason #2:
THE SUN WAS SHINING TODAY! Steve and I had to go to the post office this afternoon to send something to my Mom and it was BEAUTIFUL outside! It was 40 degrees and sunny! Almost nothing makes me happier than a warm, sunny day (especially in February)! I really hope mother nature decides to keep this up (it's all cloudy out now though unfortunately).

Reason #3:
Steve felt the baby kick for the first time on Monday! We were at the chiropractors office waiting for the doctor and I felt Konnor kick so I grabbed Steve's hand and put it on my belly and THUMP! he finally felt him kick! It was really cool, Steve had a huge smile on his face, I could tell it made him really happy. :)
Also, last night for the first time, I SAW Konnor kick my belly! It was the weirdest thing ever (but the most amazing thing too!) This one little section of my belly just pushed out for a second and was like THUMP! haha, I was really excited. No one else has seen it yet, but maybe I'll just point the camcorder at my belly for a while while he's dancing around in there and see if I can record it!!

THIS IS NOT MY BELLY!! I just found this picture online and I thought it was cool, I'm pretty sure it's photoshopped, but it's still really neat :)


Oh yeah! I got some new followers, Jessica and Kelsey! THX :)
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since it's Valentine's Day, I decided to post some pictures of me and some of the people I love! I don't believe that Valentine's Day should be just between "lovers", but between yourself and everyone that you love!
Me and my dad on my wedding day:
My sister Katarra, my mom, and me:

Me and my sister Stephanie aka Seester:

Me and my niece Maleigha when she was 6 weeks old:
My "dawgs" Widget and Trixie:

And of COURSE:
Me and my wonderful hubby Steve:
Who is my #1 Valentine this year?
So, if you don't see your own beautiful face on this blog and you are thinking to yourself, "OMG, Michelle doesn't love me!?"...don't get your panties in a twist!! More likely than not, I DO LOVE YOU, but I'm just too lazy to post 800 pictures of everyone I love! :)
Hope you have a good day, and if you don't have a Valentine to share today with, just love yourself!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I have bad luck with plastic, but good luck with breakfast!

Hello people! So as many of my wonderful blog readers know, I already have two mean fur-babies! My first little fur-baby is a little boy named Widget, and the second one is a girl named Trixie. I love my puppies so much (even though they drive me nuts most of the time)! I think I have learned a lot from them about what it means to be a parent. First of all, they depend on me and Steve for everything: food, water, exercise, potty breaks, health care, love, and cuddles just like a baby would. Also, I hear a lot of women saying, "Before I was a mommy I had never been pooped on or puked on". Well, I certainly have, thanks to my puppies!

Anyway, Widget and Trixie used to each have their own little travel cage that they slept in (their "houses"). The cages were pretty small and each had a water bottle attached to the door so the pups could have access to water when in their house (although, the water bottles weren't very efficient). Well, they finally got an upgrade!

That's Widget on the left and Trixie on the right. They share a big cage now and it's big enough to house a whole big bowl of water for them! I'm happier knowing that they are happier now!

So now I get to brag. Two breakfasts ago, Steve made me something incredible!

OM NOMMY NOM NOM. Blueberry waffles with homemade strawberry syrup yumminess and whipped cream. *DROOL* It was amazing!

BUT here is a bad thing that happened to me today so don't be too jealous of my delicious breakfast....
I went to Whole Foods (a natural/organic food store for those that don't know...*cough, cough K.H.) and bought some Un-Petroleum Jelly (just like Vaseline, but better for you and the environment) but when I got home I noticed that the cap was broken!!

The little stopper that is supposed to be on the top of the cap broke off somehow and lodged itself into the little hole where product is supposed to come out! UGH. So I'm going to have to pry it out and super glue it back to it's rightful position!
Same thing happened to me the other day, I bought a 2-pack of toothbrushes and when I used mine for the first time, the head snapped off! GRRR....

Ok. Here is something I have to rave about. Pay close attention if you have dry skin, are a mommy-to-be, or just like awesome things. I went to the mall the other day to a store called Lush (, it's a bath and body store, but everything there is natural and handmade and very "hippy" (like flower child, not like any other kind of hip lol). Well I bought a Therapy Massage Bar:

I LOVE IT. Here is what the website says about it: "... It's completely organic, from the shea and cocoa butter that warm up with the heat of massage and melt into your skin (to make for a smooth, moisturizing but not slippery massage) to the lavender, sweet orange, and neroli oils meant to relax and uplift you. We recommend this one for rubbing onto pregnant bellies to soothe and moisturize...." It is SO amazing. It's just like a bar of lotion... it smells amazing and it softens your skin AND I get belly rubs with it (SCORE!).

Speaking of DA BELLY....

Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun!!!
btw. yes, that's a real tattoo. yes, it hurt. it's written in latin. it means, "I will always be with you, wherever you go".

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