Saturday, February 20, 2010


This past week has been really exciting for me for 3 reasons!

Reason #1:
On Wednesday, my Seester (aka Stephanie) came to visit me and brought my niece Maleigha too! I love seeing my Seester, she is one of my BESTEST friends ever and she always makes me laugh so hard that I almost pee my pants... O_O which is becoming more literal as the baby gets heavier! (EW! haha)
Anyway... I took Sees to the MAC counter inside Macy's and got her a little makeover for Christmas/her birthday (AND because I just loved spoiling her...she IS my little sister:))

Miss Maleigha waiting patiently in her little car stroller while mommy got beautified:

And here is Seester after her makeover!:

Ooo La La!
Thanks for coming to see me Seester! Love you!!

Reason #2:
THE SUN WAS SHINING TODAY! Steve and I had to go to the post office this afternoon to send something to my Mom and it was BEAUTIFUL outside! It was 40 degrees and sunny! Almost nothing makes me happier than a warm, sunny day (especially in February)! I really hope mother nature decides to keep this up (it's all cloudy out now though unfortunately).

Reason #3:
Steve felt the baby kick for the first time on Monday! We were at the chiropractors office waiting for the doctor and I felt Konnor kick so I grabbed Steve's hand and put it on my belly and THUMP! he finally felt him kick! It was really cool, Steve had a huge smile on his face, I could tell it made him really happy. :)
Also, last night for the first time, I SAW Konnor kick my belly! It was the weirdest thing ever (but the most amazing thing too!) This one little section of my belly just pushed out for a second and was like THUMP! haha, I was really excited. No one else has seen it yet, but maybe I'll just point the camcorder at my belly for a while while he's dancing around in there and see if I can record it!!

THIS IS NOT MY BELLY!! I just found this picture online and I thought it was cool, I'm pretty sure it's photoshopped, but it's still really neat :)


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  1. Melissa told me you were pregnant and showed me your blog. I just had a little girl at the beginning of February so I was excited that you were blogging about your experience. :) Also the photo is probably real, I heard that happens later in pregnancy, around 37-40 weeks when the baby is basically too big for the womb. I never saw it happen with my belly but it definitely happens :)

  2. Congrats on your little girl and thanks for reading :) I just thought it was fake because I can't even catch the baby moving on the camcorder let alone take a picture at the right moment to capture something like that picture! Regardless, it's amazing!