Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quick Belly Update!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in quite a while, I have just been so exhausted! Every time I tell myself, "I am going to blog today", I go and get my camera to take pictures of something and I get distracted like, "Oh, before I take a picture of these diapers, I should organize them by color". And then after that I just start organizing everything in the general vicinity of the diapers as well. So you can see how it's easy for me to not write a blog. lol. are some pictures to hold you over until I can really focus (bahahaha!! Michelle? Focus?) and write a proper blog...

Look how big I am. O_O. oh em gee.

The parents-to-be (with one of them looking ridiculously tired and the other looking incredibly handsome, heehee)

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