Friday, August 27, 2010

I can't wait to...

Right before I got pregnant, I feel like I was really beginning to find my "style" and figure out what kind of outfits made me feel really happy (regardless of how many "wtf?" looks I got):

(apparently I really like black leggings...)
and then as the months went by...I didn't fit into any of my "cool" clothes. I have been wearing the same black maternity pants for MONTHS now...
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:
Now let me just say that these pants are SUPER COMFY, but come on now, they are falling apart from being worn SO much!
At least I have my amazing "diaper bag" that shows that I at least have an ounce of style left in me...
I just can't wait to be able to expand my wardrobe past the like, 2 t-shirts that fit me right now!

Here's the update on Konnor, you know...what everyone actually cares about... :p
He is about 90% holding up his head all on his own! And lately he has been focusing very hard and getting his fist into his mouth. He just pulls his head as hard as he can towards his fist like, "COME ON! That thing has been in my mouth before! How to I get to it?" Still working on hand-eye coordination you see. Today, he FINALLY got his fist in his mouth and he was really smiley and happy, it was ADORABLE.

AND Steve finally found our camera so I can start taking pictures again YAY!
'til next time...


  1. I just want to let you know that I still like the style you have going on :) and that hair is great too!!:)

  2. Hahaha, thanks! My style of sweatpants and a baggie t-shirt?! lol.