Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Because I'm Fat, Doesn't Mean I Should Have To Wear Ugly Clothes!

I am irritated. If you know me pretty well, you know that I really love fashion. Before I got pregnant, I loved shopping at Forever 21 because the clothes are trendy and CHEAP. I continued to shop there for about half of my pregnancy, right up until I couldn't fit into ANYTHING in the store anymore. I remember walking around the store with my big ol' belly sticking out, feeling the glare from the mothers in the store who were shopping with their tweens and teens. I knew what they were thinking. "OMG. That girl went and got herself knocked up and now she's shopping in this store where my girls shop and she is a bad example!" Then possibly even saying to her daughter, "Look away honey, don't look at the harlot or you might catch pregnancy."
*disapproving glare*
Ok, maybe that's a stretch...but I DID receive quite a few evil glares when I was out in public. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I looked 16. It got even worse when my finger got too fat for my wedding ring.
I just remember being pretty upset when I couldn't fit into anything in the store. I was even too big for the largest size tunic or sweatshirt. SIGH. I remember wishing (out loud, to Steve) that Forever 21 would get a maternity section. At that, we both laughed hysterically at the thought, then made our way to Destination Maternity where they charge $89 for a big, tent shaped t-shirt.

Fast forward to June. I was due to have Konnor in a couple of weeks. I don't remember what website I was browsing, maybe Perez Hilton, when I read that Forever 21 was coming out with a maternity line. "You have GOT to be kidding me."
I only had two weeks left of being pregnant and THAT'S when Forever 21 granted my wish. Buying maternity clothes with two weeks left was pointless.
I was reminded of all this just moments ago while I was browsing and stumbled across the maternity section. The clothes are #1, cute and #2, very cheap. The exact opposite of maternity clothes found elsewhere. Trust me, I searched. WalMart doesn't even carry maternity clothes anymore and if they did, I'm sure they would be ugly. I searched every second hand store I could find and if they had any maternity clothes they were guessed it, UGLY. Any clothes that were remotely cute were also never priced less than $40.

I guess the upside to this is that Forever21 will have maternity clothes the next time I get pregnant, but I'm sure that a couple weeks after I find out I'm pregnant, they will discontinue the line because there has got to be some parenting group out there as I type, painting their signs and organizing their protest. They probably say something like, "Don't encourage the teenage harlots by selling cute, affordably maternity clothes!" and they will have evil, glaring eyes painted on them too.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm so modest :)
It's Konnor in the tub!
Konnor got his clean on today. Every time he gets a bath, he reacts completely different. Last time, he screamed and cried the entire time, but this time, he just sat there calmly like, "This is acceptable Momma." Haha...

Using his rubber ducky to make sure the water isn't too hot! (I love pictures of running water, it always looks so neat...and I'm a nerd.)

So fresh and so clean
Getting dried off with his ducky towel...which reminds me....

Konnor after his first at-home sponge bath (Same towel!)
So tiny! comes lotion!
I LOVE THIS LOTION!! It smells sooo good and it makes his...and super soft! 

After bath time, Konnor played on his play mat thing for a while....

Then he decided he wanted ALL of his toys in his mouth at one time:

And he got kinda upset when they wouldn't fit...and that promptly ended play time. lol.

Konnor is like a new little boy today, he even got his fingernails AND toenails cut! I didn't cut him once and he didn't cry the whole time! MIRACLE!! It was like Konnor's Spa Day and the Mommy Hotel. :)

I'll leave you with this (because Konnor is like, "ENOUGH already Mom! Come pay attention to ME!")
Cute picture of the day... Poppa Bear and a very zonked out Little Bear:

Til Next Time.....


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At A Loss For Words...

I have written and REwritten this blog about three times now. I just can't figure out what it is I want to write about. For once...I am speechless. Those of you who know the real me, know that this doesn't happen very often lol. So to "fill the void" left by my writers block... I am going to do a "Stuff I Like This Week" blog...
The Pin-Up Look:
I love this make up look whether it be with red lips or hot pink. It's super (SUPER) easy and quick to do and it always looks very glamorous. This look is perfect very anyone who is pressed for time, but still wants to look pretty and classic. I was thinking of doing a blog on how to quickly and easily achieve this look, but idk how many people would even be interested in that for now, you get to see the end result picture.

Killers (2010):

I randomly came upon the trailer for this movie on YouTube and even though some people gave it a bad review, it looked really funny to me. Steve and I rented it Sunday and watched it TWICE before we had to return it Monday night!  I loved it, it made me literally laugh out loud. Ashton Kutcher plays Spencer, who is married to Katherine Heigl's character, Jen. They have great on-screen chemistry and they play a married couple PERFECTLY. We liked this movie so much, we added it to our "Will Buy" list.

Christian Radio Stations:
As much as I LOVE listening to the SAME 4 artists on repeat on the "popular" music stations...I accidently came across a local Christian music station and I have been really enjoying it this week. I used to listen to Christian music a lot for about 6 months when I was in high school, but I caught a lot of flack for it. Any time someone would get in my car with me and the radio would come on, they would be like, "Oh, not this crap again...Michelle, you are weird." So I eventually stopped listening to it. 
So the other day, after hearing Lady Gaga for the 80th time in one hour, I pushed the SCAN button on the radio and stopped it at the next station that came in clearly (I hate static!) and it was the Christian station. I was going to change it, but I thought to myself, I'll leave it here for just one song.'s been on for about 4 days now, lol. The songs are just very encouraging and uplifting, just what I need in my life right now. No, I'm not abandoning my other music loves, but I'm glad I found this station for times when I really need some positivity.

Photo Shoots With My Family:
My boys just fill my heart with so much love and happiness! I am one blessed mommy and wifey :)


Saturday, September 18, 2010

In the Blink of an Eye...

Konnor is growing up way too fast! It's like, "Where's the BRAKES on this thing?!" One of the biggest changes, other than the way he looks, is the way he interacts with the world around him. At first, he wouldn't even look at or acknowledge a toy hanging in front of him. Then, he started actually noticing and looking at his toys...then he started reaching out and batting at them with his fist, and then kicking at them with his feet! Well last night I witnessed Konnor reach out and GRAB his favorite toy (Which is an elephant he calls "Allen" or "AaaaOooo") with both hands and put Allen's foot in his mouth (the feet are little hard plastic teething things)!! I was so amazed! Hand-eye-mouth coordination...CHECK!

Konnor and "Allen"
Another thing that Konnor is loving these days is playing with his tongue! He's even gotten to the point where if you stick your tongue out at him, he will stick it back out at you! It's adorable...but don't take my word for it...

ADORBS! (And Konnor's online video debut!)

He is just getting so big. Part of me wants him to stay itty-bitty forever, but at the same time...the more he grows, the more fun he is! Now that he's older, he's easier to carry and hold, he's more fun to play with, and I can see more and more of his personality everyday. Along with that, he LOVES to have conversations with mommy. We can go back and forth for a long time. Konnor will say, "AaaAOoo" and I'll say, "I love you too!".

All smiles while playing with his zebra, who is yet to be named.
I don't want to say that I "can't wait for", but I am EXCITED for the day when Konnor and I can run around outside and play and dig in the dirt and look for bugs under rocks. I that I have a kid I get to play like a kid again right?!

Of course I'm right :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I've Been Doing A Lot Of Talking...

This post is going to be a little bit different than my usual posts, but it's just what's on my mind today! I believe that this topic is strongly related to being a wife and a mommy because doing this thing helps strengthen me and make me a better wife, mommy, and person! If you are reading along and think to yourself, "Oh, I really don't agree with this." well, that's don't have to keep reading! Just come back some other day and I'll have a new post up :)

This post is about how important prayer is in my life, especially recently. I can honestly say that EVERY time I have really been struggling with something in my life and I have sent out a little prayer to God, He has answered me. He always, ALWAYS gives me what I need. It's really amazing. Whenever I have been in emotional pain, just feeling like I couldn't take the pain anymore I would just say, "God, please...I really need help right now." And every time, I have felt a wonderful calm come over me and I would feel warmth and love and I would feel better. Of course, the prayer wouldn't instantly solve my problem or make the pain go away permanently, but it would help me in that moment to not hurt so much. God would comfort me and give me the strength to keep holding on for a little bit longer. I have so many examples of times when I needed help and my prayers were answered! Whenever I feel lost and feel like I just don't know what to do...I ask God for help, and He comes through for me.

I remember a lot of times I would want to talk to God (aka Pray!), but I didn't really know what to say. It felt awkward talking out loud "to myself". I have started many prayers like, "Um...hey there Um...can you help me?" lol. Sometimes it does feel a little strange or even nerve wracking like, am I doing this right?

I found that as I built my relationship with God over time, it became easier to talk to Him. Think of it as making a new friend. At first, you don't know the person very well, so striking up a conversation can be a little awkward. You don't know if the person will be friendly or reject you, or ignore you! But once you start building a friendship with the person, each conversation gets easier and easier.

I don't really know where I'm going with this, but recently I have been doing a lot of praying. Lately, I have felt like I was walking around in the woods at night. I don't know where I am nor where I'm going, I'm just stumbling around and falling down A LOT. I have been asking God to give me guidance, to show me what path to take, and to "turn on the lights" for me so I can see where I'm going!

The thing is, I was asking God for guidance, but then I wasn't really listening to what He was telling me. I was still trying to find the path on my own... while still in the darkness. Um...not a good idea Michelle! lol. I think I have finally been able to "let go" and listen to what He has been trying to tell me all along, even though it was something I didn't really want to hear at first. Sorry this all seems sort of cryptic, but I don't want to say anything specific yet, but I'm really hoping that I got the right message this time.

I'll keep you all posted!


Monday, September 13, 2010

What Do I Haul Around In My Diaper Bag?

I always say, the bigger your purse is, the more stuff you will haul around with you and a diaper bag is no different. Let's take a peek and see what I carry around with me everyday to help deal with all the little "emergencies" caring for an infant can create :)

I didn't stock my bag beforehand nor did I remove anything I didn't want people to see! This is a true collection of what I had in my bag the moment I decided to write this blog...

My bag threw up! Ew. Haha.

1. Antibacterial Wet Ones, because you never know when you'll have to disinfect something...
    & Pampers Sensitive baby wipes
2. Disposable diapers for when we are on-the-go...someone bought these for us and they are so cute,        they have Pooh Bear on them :)
3. Booger Sucker 
4. Binky/Pacifier for when Konnor starts crying in the car, when I'm the only one there...and I just fed and changed him 5 minutes earlier...SIGH.
5. Fingernail clippers...3 pairs. Whenever I find a pair around the apartment, I just throw them in the bag!
6. Socks...also 3 pairs. I don't know why...I just keep throwing pairs in there for no reason.
7. His cute little summer hat to shield his little face from the sun

1. Headphones for my iPod, which is usually in my bag
2. My makeup bag. I don't usually carry this around, but it was still in there from when we stayed the night at the in-laws
3. My wallet...full of monies! (Yeah, I wish!)
4. Handy-Dandy Swiss Army Knife on a ball chain necklace for times when I don't have pockets
5. Random receipts and from David's Bridal! YAY!
6. Hair stuff

1. Lotions, Tea Tree Oil, eye protection
2. Camera case (usually with the camera in it)
3. ID bracelets from when Konnor was born...I'm saving them for a scrapbook page that I'll get to "someday".
4. Breastfeeding cover thing for when we are out in public
5. Butt Paste sample and Tylenol
6. The Mommy Hook...LOVE this thing!

ANNNDDD last, but not least...
My bridal shower invite and gifts from Julie's cute!

And here's the little man that makes all that necessary...The Konninator! (Like, "The Terminator" lol)

"I am the Konninator, I am here to Konninate you!"
Chubbo Cheeekers!
He was so well behaved at the bridal shower and EVERYONE loved him and said how cute he was :)
I'm such a lucky Momma :)


Saturday, September 11, 2010

11 Weeks and TEETHING?!

Nom, Nom, Nom...
Nooooo!!! Not teething! The dreaded "teething time" is already upon's true...Steve and I located two small, very hard, white bits of teeth popping out of little man's gums. I noticed lately that he had been drooling a lot and chewing on his little fist like it was the newest trend, not to mention having random bouts  of fussiness. I was thinking to myself, "No WAY is he teething already! He's not even three months!" Then we found the teeth poking out. Poor little guy isn't to the point where he can hold his own teething ring (or cold washcloth or anything for that matter) in his mouth yet, so mommy has to sit there and hold it for him. He especially likes to chew on my finger, lol.

Konnor has been a little baby on the go lately. We have been driving everywhere! We went to Hudson to visit Auntie Katarra and we drove aaalll the way up to Howell to visit the Grandparents, Uncles, and Aunt Regina. On both trips I had to change K's diaper in a gas station bathroom and BOTH times, they didn't have a baby changer thingy on the wall. I had to change his on the FLOOR (with blankets laid down of course!) but still, EW. 


He was pretty much "Whatever Mom" about it, but I thought it was gross. We have some little plastic diaper changing mats that some wonderful people bought for us to use in a situation like this, but did I have those with me? Of course not! lol :) I always have my bag stocked with things I don't need, then as soon as I take it out of my bag because I "never use it"...I need it. SIGH.

ALSO...someone is moving up in the world and now fits into his 3 month old clothes...including this hoodie that I love! Look at this little charmer! He's like..."Hey lady, how you doin?" Hahaha...




Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some "Never Before Seen" Pictures...

From when I was pregnant with Konnor...

From when my dad took me and Steve to breakfast at Big Boy :)
Me and my belly, taking a snooze...
I'm amazed I still had cheekbones at that point!
Who even knows what was going on in this picture!
Fast forwards about 30 minutes and I was NOT "thumbs up" anymore!

....This next picture is NOT for the faint of heart and should NOT be viewed by anyone who can't stand the sight of blood or of newborn babies fresh from the oven! That's your warning!

However, it is by far my absolute FAVORITE picture from the entire birthing experience...

I will never forget the first time I saw Konnor's little face and heard him crying, it was like nothing else in the room existed for those few moments...

And now look how big this little turd is getting!
He has officially grown out of his Newborn and 0-3 months clothes! Moving on to 3-6 months!
'Til Next Time.....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

You are doing WHAT?!

Cloth diapers.
Yupp, I said it. Cloth diapers.
You must be thinking... "You're doing WHAT? You are crazy!"
Or you are thinking, "So THAT'S what I've seen in those pictures...I knew those weren't "regular" diapers!"
You are correct! Konnor wears BumGenius! 3.0 cloth diapers.

Even though we were told numerous times that we were "stupid" for wanting to use cloth diapers and that, after Konnor was born, we would realize that we didn't want to use them because it would be "too hard", we decided to make the investment in order to save money in the long run.

We paid $400 for 18 diapers.
"OMG! $400!? CRAZY!"
Well, not really...
According to, the average parent will spend between $1,600 and $2,300 on diapers by the time baby is potty-trained.
I'd much rather spend $400 up front, especially because the BumGenius! 3.0 diapers we bought are "One-Size", meaning that they will "grow" with Konnor until he's potty trained thanks to some nifty snaps on the front of the diaper that adjust it's size.

Also, I have found that they prevent leaks way better than disposable diapers and cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly.

At first, Steve and I were using a high-pressure hand washer to wash the diapers, but honestly, that took a lot of time (you have to rinse the diapers more than once to make sure all the soap is out completely, otherwise this washer is awesome!)

Now we either wash them at Steve's parent's house...or wash them in the machines at our apartment complex (we rinse them first). Then we just put them in our centrifuge spin dryer (basically spins every droplet out of the cloth) and then hang them to finish drying (about an hour) on our drying rack (stains can be bleached out in sunlight if the baby is breast fed!). (Apparently I really like parenthesis today).

I really like using cloth diapers, and I know I will like it even more once we have access to a washer and dryer any time we want. I love all of the cute colors and the cloth doesn't irritate Konnor's skin like the disposable diapers sometimes do.

You don't even have to worry about safety pins or plastic pants. These cloth diapers are very modern and aren't very different from disposables in the way they are put on the baby. They have an absorbent lining inserted into the diaper based on how much absorbency baby needs, and they velcro shut (heavy-duty velcro!)

Another awesome thing is, if we take good care of the diapers, they will last for our next child too! YAY!

OK, enough about diapers...(Um WHY have you been typing about poop catchers for like, EIGHT paragraphs? lol)

Look at this little man...on his way to being a sports super star:
Yeah, he only THINKS he's standing on his own.
He is now 10 weeks old, 12.2 lbs, and 23.5 inches tall! Apparently he is as long as the average 16 week old!
And me...
Nope, I haven't lost my mind...YET! lol