Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At A Loss For Words...

I have written and REwritten this blog about three times now. I just can't figure out what it is I want to write about. For once...I am speechless. Those of you who know the real me, know that this doesn't happen very often lol. So to "fill the void" left by my writers block... I am going to do a "Stuff I Like This Week" blog...
The Pin-Up Look:
I love this make up look whether it be with red lips or hot pink. It's super (SUPER) easy and quick to do and it always looks very glamorous. This look is perfect very anyone who is pressed for time, but still wants to look pretty and classic. I was thinking of doing a blog on how to quickly and easily achieve this look, but idk how many people would even be interested in that information...so for now, you get to see the end result picture.

Killers (2010):

I randomly came upon the trailer for this movie on YouTube and even though some people gave it a bad review, it looked really funny to me. Steve and I rented it Sunday and watched it TWICE before we had to return it Monday night!  I loved it, it made me literally laugh out loud. Ashton Kutcher plays Spencer, who is married to Katherine Heigl's character, Jen. They have great on-screen chemistry and they play a married couple PERFECTLY. We liked this movie so much, we added it to our "Will Buy" list.

Christian Radio Stations:
As much as I LOVE listening to the SAME 4 artists on repeat on the "popular" music stations...I accidently came across a local Christian music station and I have been really enjoying it this week. I used to listen to Christian music a lot for about 6 months when I was in high school, but I caught a lot of flack for it. Any time someone would get in my car with me and the radio would come on, they would be like, "Oh, not this crap again...Michelle, you are weird." So I eventually stopped listening to it. 
So the other day, after hearing Lady Gaga for the 80th time in one hour, I pushed the SCAN button on the radio and stopped it at the next station that came in clearly (I hate static!) and it was the Christian station. I was going to change it, but I thought to myself, I'll leave it here for just one song. Well...it's been on for about 4 days now, lol. The songs are just very encouraging and uplifting, just what I need in my life right now. No, I'm not abandoning my other music loves, but I'm glad I found this station for times when I really need some positivity.

Photo Shoots With My Family:
My boys just fill my heart with so much love and happiness! I am one blessed mommy and wifey :)


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  1. 1) Oh my gosh Konnor is soooooo cute! ahhhhhhh!

    2) I'm thinking you should post the instructions for that first picture up there. =] Because I will read them! haha

    3) The whole Christian music thing.... that's how I feel even now. =( I just love how it's totally acceptable for people to listen to songs about sex, drugs, and other things that can ruin people's lives but it's uncomfortable for people to listen to songs about God. or positive things in general.