Saturday, September 18, 2010

In the Blink of an Eye...

Konnor is growing up way too fast! It's like, "Where's the BRAKES on this thing?!" One of the biggest changes, other than the way he looks, is the way he interacts with the world around him. At first, he wouldn't even look at or acknowledge a toy hanging in front of him. Then, he started actually noticing and looking at his toys...then he started reaching out and batting at them with his fist, and then kicking at them with his feet! Well last night I witnessed Konnor reach out and GRAB his favorite toy (Which is an elephant he calls "Allen" or "AaaaOooo") with both hands and put Allen's foot in his mouth (the feet are little hard plastic teething things)!! I was so amazed! Hand-eye-mouth coordination...CHECK!

Konnor and "Allen"
Another thing that Konnor is loving these days is playing with his tongue! He's even gotten to the point where if you stick your tongue out at him, he will stick it back out at you! It's adorable...but don't take my word for it...

ADORBS! (And Konnor's online video debut!)

He is just getting so big. Part of me wants him to stay itty-bitty forever, but at the same time...the more he grows, the more fun he is! Now that he's older, he's easier to carry and hold, he's more fun to play with, and I can see more and more of his personality everyday. Along with that, he LOVES to have conversations with mommy. We can go back and forth for a long time. Konnor will say, "AaaAOoo" and I'll say, "I love you too!".

All smiles while playing with his zebra, who is yet to be named.
I don't want to say that I "can't wait for", but I am EXCITED for the day when Konnor and I can run around outside and play and dig in the dirt and look for bugs under rocks. I that I have a kid I get to play like a kid again right?!

Of course I'm right :)

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