Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Because I'm Fat, Doesn't Mean I Should Have To Wear Ugly Clothes!

I am irritated. If you know me pretty well, you know that I really love fashion. Before I got pregnant, I loved shopping at Forever 21 because the clothes are trendy and CHEAP. I continued to shop there for about half of my pregnancy, right up until I couldn't fit into ANYTHING in the store anymore. I remember walking around the store with my big ol' belly sticking out, feeling the glare from the mothers in the store who were shopping with their tweens and teens. I knew what they were thinking. "OMG. That girl went and got herself knocked up and now she's shopping in this store where my girls shop and she is a bad example!" Then possibly even saying to her daughter, "Look away honey, don't look at the harlot or you might catch pregnancy."
*disapproving glare*
Ok, maybe that's a stretch...but I DID receive quite a few evil glares when I was out in public. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I looked 16. It got even worse when my finger got too fat for my wedding ring.
I just remember being pretty upset when I couldn't fit into anything in the store. I was even too big for the largest size tunic or sweatshirt. SIGH. I remember wishing (out loud, to Steve) that Forever 21 would get a maternity section. At that, we both laughed hysterically at the thought, then made our way to Destination Maternity where they charge $89 for a big, tent shaped t-shirt.

Fast forward to June. I was due to have Konnor in a couple of weeks. I don't remember what website I was browsing, maybe Perez Hilton, when I read that Forever 21 was coming out with a maternity line. "You have GOT to be kidding me."
I only had two weeks left of being pregnant and THAT'S when Forever 21 granted my wish. Buying maternity clothes with two weeks left was pointless.
I was reminded of all this just moments ago while I was browsing and stumbled across the maternity section. The clothes are #1, cute and #2, very cheap. The exact opposite of maternity clothes found elsewhere. Trust me, I searched. WalMart doesn't even carry maternity clothes anymore and if they did, I'm sure they would be ugly. I searched every second hand store I could find and if they had any maternity clothes they were guessed it, UGLY. Any clothes that were remotely cute were also never priced less than $40.

I guess the upside to this is that Forever21 will have maternity clothes the next time I get pregnant, but I'm sure that a couple weeks after I find out I'm pregnant, they will discontinue the line because there has got to be some parenting group out there as I type, painting their signs and organizing their protest. They probably say something like, "Don't encourage the teenage harlots by selling cute, affordably maternity clothes!" and they will have evil, glaring eyes painted on them too.



  1. I'm surprised you had such a hard time at Destination Maternity. I spent $300 in the store and most of that was on $40 pants - 3 pairs, and a $45 sweater that I insisted that I But as you said, not many options out there. I found a few cute tops that I still wear post pregnancy since I'm battling the fat. :(

    And instead of those mothers giving you a glare or anyone that might want fashionable cheap maternity clothes, maybe instead they should teach their daughters to keep their legs closed

  2. I love the maternity stuff at Target. I've picked up things from there by mistake on several occasions and been like why is this S so I know too late now.