Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm so modest :)
It's Konnor in the tub!
Konnor got his clean on today. Every time he gets a bath, he reacts completely different. Last time, he screamed and cried the entire time, but this time, he just sat there calmly like, "This is acceptable Momma." Haha...

Using his rubber ducky to make sure the water isn't too hot! (I love pictures of running water, it always looks so neat...and I'm a nerd.)

So fresh and so clean
Getting dried off with his ducky towel...which reminds me....

Konnor after his first at-home sponge bath (Same towel!)
So tiny! comes lotion!
I LOVE THIS LOTION!! It smells sooo good and it makes his...and super soft! 

After bath time, Konnor played on his play mat thing for a while....

Then he decided he wanted ALL of his toys in his mouth at one time:

And he got kinda upset when they wouldn't fit...and that promptly ended play time. lol.

Konnor is like a new little boy today, he even got his fingernails AND toenails cut! I didn't cut him once and he didn't cry the whole time! MIRACLE!! It was like Konnor's Spa Day and the Mommy Hotel. :)

I'll leave you with this (because Konnor is like, "ENOUGH already Mom! Come pay attention to ME!")
Cute picture of the day... Poppa Bear and a very zonked out Little Bear:

Til Next Time.....


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