Friday, October 1, 2010

When Everything Is Going "Wrong"...

Life changes so unexpectedly, it's almost reckless to tell someone what your next step in life will be before the plan is "set in stone". I have learned this lesson many, many times over. It seems that as soon as Steve and I make a "plan" and tell a bunch of people what we are going to be doing next, God is like, "HAHAHA, that's funny..." and then our "plans" fall apart. Don't get me wrong,  I'm not complaining about where we have ended up, I'm just complaining that this whole process makes me and Steve look like a. liars and b. like we are complete screw-ups.
This blog is kind of an update on what our plans WERE, and what we are doing now.

We were planning on moving to Kansas in October of this year. We had the money set aside to move ourselves and our belongings. We had a house to move into. Steve was still in the process of finding a job in Kansas, but we weren't too worried about that.
THEN...we find out that the house is not ready to be moved in to. The house has a gas leak (the gas has since been shit off) and has some bad plumbing issues. Blah, blah, blah...long story short, the house has no utilities and wouldn't have them by the time we wanted to move in.

So Steve and I created Plan B. We would move out of the ghetto (Ypsilanti, at least our apartment complex) to a cheaper and safer place. We were short on time, so we moved to the cheapest apartments we could find that were still nice and in a safe neighborhood...even if they were an hour from Steve's work. This is how we ended up in Adrian, MI. We decided that it would cost way too much money in gas if Steve drove the Jeep to Ypsi and back everyday, so we used our "moving to Kansas" money to buy a little Kia that was supposed to get 34 mpg.  Uh huh. We would live in Adrian temporarily until the house in Kansas was fixed up, then we would sell the Kia, get back most of our moving money and then move!

THEN... because of various unforeseen circumstances, the house in Kansas is still unlivable. Steve and I realize that even with the Kia (which is NOT getting 34 mpg and is falling apart already) we are not saving any money by living in Adrian. We are spending more money and we are running out of ideas to make ends meet. So far we have been getting by on answered prayers and a credit card that previously had a zero balance, but hey...we need to eat!

So now we are moving on to Plan C. (Actually, we had about 30 other plans after Plan B, but none of those got past the planning stage.) Now, we are moving back to Ypsilanti to a (hopefully) nicer neighborhood. Steve is going to go back to school, so moving back to Ypsi will put him closer to work and class. I'm only "putting it out there" that we are moving back to Ypsi because we put a deposit down on the apartment, so it's pretty much "set in stone" that we will be moving back. That, and we gave our current landlord our 30-day move out notice today.

Like I said above, I am not complaining about where we are in life nor that our plans have not worked out exactly as we planned. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I mean everything. Sure, moving to Adrian for 3 months might seem like a mistake, but I'm positive that I know why we were supposed to come here, even for a short amount of time. I think I was supposed to come here to do something, but I can't be specific because someone reads this blog :)

This blog entry isn't about plans gone awry, it's about trust. Letting go of control and trusting that everything will BE O.K. Just yesterday, Steve was getting ready for work. He went to the gas station to get gas and put air in the tires. While he was doing this, he noticed that one of the tires had a huge bulge in the side of was going to explode soon. So, he gets in the trunk and gets out the spare only to discover that the spare has a NAIL IN IT. (Uh, thanks car dealership for telling us that one.) SO Steve comes home pretty much freaking out. "What are we gonna do? We don't have the money to fix this! How am I gonna get to work?" Usually, I would freak out too, but this time I just felt really calm and said, "Honey, everything is going to be ok." I didn't know how it would  be, but I knew it would be.

Steve had to take the day off from work yesterday, (he gets paid sick time), but now the car has two new tires on it (one of them leaked air really bad) and he was able to get to work today. Everything turned out fine, the world didn't stop turning just because his plan of going to work yesterday didn't work out. Maybe, for some reason, Steve wasn't supposed to go to work yesterday. Maybe he wasn't supposed to drive the Kia all the way to Ypsi and back. We'll never know, but I trust that everything happens for a reason and that God's plans for me are much stronger (and better) than my own plans for me.

5Trust in the LORD with all your heart 
       and lean not on your own understanding;

6in all your ways acknowledge him, 
       and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6


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