Saturday, September 4, 2010

You are doing WHAT?!

Cloth diapers.
Yupp, I said it. Cloth diapers.
You must be thinking... "You're doing WHAT? You are crazy!"
Or you are thinking, "So THAT'S what I've seen in those pictures...I knew those weren't "regular" diapers!"
You are correct! Konnor wears BumGenius! 3.0 cloth diapers.

Even though we were told numerous times that we were "stupid" for wanting to use cloth diapers and that, after Konnor was born, we would realize that we didn't want to use them because it would be "too hard", we decided to make the investment in order to save money in the long run.

We paid $400 for 18 diapers.
"OMG! $400!? CRAZY!"
Well, not really...
According to, the average parent will spend between $1,600 and $2,300 on diapers by the time baby is potty-trained.
I'd much rather spend $400 up front, especially because the BumGenius! 3.0 diapers we bought are "One-Size", meaning that they will "grow" with Konnor until he's potty trained thanks to some nifty snaps on the front of the diaper that adjust it's size.

Also, I have found that they prevent leaks way better than disposable diapers and cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly.

At first, Steve and I were using a high-pressure hand washer to wash the diapers, but honestly, that took a lot of time (you have to rinse the diapers more than once to make sure all the soap is out completely, otherwise this washer is awesome!)

Now we either wash them at Steve's parent's house...or wash them in the machines at our apartment complex (we rinse them first). Then we just put them in our centrifuge spin dryer (basically spins every droplet out of the cloth) and then hang them to finish drying (about an hour) on our drying rack (stains can be bleached out in sunlight if the baby is breast fed!). (Apparently I really like parenthesis today).

I really like using cloth diapers, and I know I will like it even more once we have access to a washer and dryer any time we want. I love all of the cute colors and the cloth doesn't irritate Konnor's skin like the disposable diapers sometimes do.

You don't even have to worry about safety pins or plastic pants. These cloth diapers are very modern and aren't very different from disposables in the way they are put on the baby. They have an absorbent lining inserted into the diaper based on how much absorbency baby needs, and they velcro shut (heavy-duty velcro!)

Another awesome thing is, if we take good care of the diapers, they will last for our next child too! YAY!

OK, enough about diapers...(Um WHY have you been typing about poop catchers for like, EIGHT paragraphs? lol)

Look at this little man...on his way to being a sports super star:
Yeah, he only THINKS he's standing on his own.
He is now 10 weeks old, 12.2 lbs, and 23.5 inches tall! Apparently he is as long as the average 16 week old!
And me...
Nope, I haven't lost my mind...YET! lol


  1. :) I'm glad that you've stuck with the cloth diapers, because I know how important they were to you, AND you're saving money! :)

    I love Konnor. When I got home last Tuesday from going to Davids Bridal and the Mall, all I could talk about was how he liked me..and how he would suck my arm.. and how I held him alot and he didn't mind me at all :)

    I cant wait until you guys live closer(if you choose to) :)

  2. I love that you are using cloth diapers! I babysat for several families that used them and I think they are amazing, but I honestly wondered if I could keep up with it, even though I would like to (when will and I have a baby, that is...). Now that I see you doing it, I know I can too!

  3. Yay Jessica! I hope they work out for you (someday). Make sure to check out other brands too, I have heart the SoftBums is a good option as well :) And when it comes down to it, the "hardest" part about using cloth is just 1 extra load of laundry. Not really a big deal :)

  4. Awww...he loves you too I'm sure :) In fact just today he told me, "OOooooOoo" which I'm pretty sure translates to, "I love that Julie lady."