Thursday, October 14, 2010

Don't Try This At Home...No Seriously, Don't.

Last week I spent about 8 hours making a pumpkin pie! That's how long it takes when you have to keep stopping to take care of a baby! In case you didn't read my last blog post, Steve, Konnor, and I went to a farm and bought some pumpkins, two of which were pie pumpkins!
Jack-O-Lantern, 2 Pie Pumpkins, & a lil pumpkin for Konnor :)
Once upon a time, I had an amazing recipe for pumpkin pie, but I sadly lost it somewhere. So this time, I just Googled "Homemade Pumpkin Pie Recipe" and picked one from the list of results. Here's how it all went down:
Konnor in his highchair, watching Mommy aka: Betty Crocker
 First, I asked Steve to cut the pumpkins in half because I was too wimpy to do it myself. This was at around 11:30am. Then I scooped all the seeds and stringy yuck out into a bowl.
 Then I buttered the inside of the pumpkins and baked them for 30 minutes (to get the skin off easily and make the insides mushy).
 Pumpkin insides are very yellow! And this stuff was really yummy all by itself, but I love squash so that's not saying much...
My first ever home made pie crust and a cupcake pan prepared for my "mini pies".
Mixing everything up...pumpkin goop, eggs, seasoning, vanilla flavor, sugar, evaporated milk...pretty simple!
Bake for a while...and TA-DA! Home made pumpkin pie! Looks yummy huh? Yeah well...looks can be deceiving...
My "mini pies" don't look so good...the marshmallows got a little too brown...

So I decided that I don't like the recipe I used. The pie tasted ok, but I really didn't like the texture. I prefer a thick, dense pie, but this one was mushy. Also, I'm pretty sure I over-mixed the pie crust because it definitely wasn't "flaky" nor was it "delicious" like the recipe said it would be. So, 8 hours of work and all I got was a mediocre pie and some weird/messy/mushy mini pies. I need a new recipe...SIGH...

BUT WAIT!! Something amazing did come out of all of this...PUMPKIN SEEDS!!!
These turned out DELICIOUS! I can't wait to make some more of these when we carve the Jack-o-Lantern...
And here we have my little pumpkin with his little pumpkin :)


p.s. How do you all like my new banner? I made it myself!

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  1. At least the pumpkin seeds turned out ok. Konnor looks like he's saying "Mom something's on my shoulder" He is so cute.