Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding...

Saturday was my best friend Julie's wedding! This wedding has been a long time coming! I was so excited and even more excited to be the Matron of Honor (a Maid of Honor isn't married, a Matron of Honor is). I was really nervous to do Julie's make up though! The bride is the focal point of any wedding and the way she looks is very important! While we were in the salon, there were even some hairdressers who said they refuse to do a bride's hair because of all the pressure for the bride to look "perfect". I was like, oh geez... BUT everyone (most importantly Julie) loved the results:
Beautiful Before...
Beautiful After!
While we were in the salon, our friend and fellow bridesmaid Nicole said something about me doing make up for money (or something like that) and I said that it was just a hobby of mine, but how I would LOVE to do it professionally and actually make some money! One of he hairdressers overheard me and was like, "You don't do make up for your job?! You should!" (SQUEEEEE!!!) So I left my contact info with her and she encouraged me to do make up on girls for proms and formals and she will recommend me to any brides that come in to get their hair done! YAY!!! I will GLADLY drive back to Adrian to do make up on girls :) Or anyone who reads my blog, wink, wink ;)

Touching up the lip gloss...

Me & Steve <3
The lovely newlyweds...
Konnor and his main squeeze! Hope Craig doesn't mind...
 The wedding and reception were amazing and beautiful and went off without a hitch. I had an amazing time and so did Konnor. He got a little wild after drinking too much milk...
Dancing on the tables! lol.
Now Julie and I are both in the "Old Married People's Club" and we get to do old married people things like join book clubs or something. :D


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  1. omg. this made me tear up!!! :D
    I dont mind being part of the "Old Married People's Club" :D

    awww, thank you so much! <3<3<3