Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Pumpkin For My Pumpkin!

Yesterday, Steve, Konnor, and I went on an adventure to find "The Perfect Pumpkin" to carve for Konnor's first Halloween! After researching a few different pumpkin patches online, we were on our way (with Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand)! As we were traveling however, we passed a farm with a HUGE pig made out of straw out front and they also had a big sign that read, "PUMPKINS", so we decided to just stop at that place instead of continuing on to our original destination. Sometimes spontaneity is better than sticking to your plan :)
Me, Konnor, and the big straw pig!
This farm was awesome! They not only had pumpkins, but they had a petting zoo, a straw maze for little kids, and big sand box that was filled with dried CORN for kids to search for goodies in, all kinds of ugly looking squash, a barn with a huge straw "pit" inside that was made for little kids, but I really wanted to play in it...lol. Too bad Konnor wasn't older or he would have had a lot more fun...he was actually pretty grumpy the whole time because he was getting sick of getting his picture taken...
Two little pumpkins...
Some gnarly squash!
Konnor as Charlie Brown, a very grumpy Charlie Brown...
Matching black tees and gray hoodies...awww...
This is MayBell (white) and Pedro (Gray). The woman at the farm told us that they really want a baby donkey in the spring, so they brought Pedro in for the summer so that he and MayBell could become "friends", but as it turns out, MayBell did not want to be friends with Pedro, she even kicked him where it counts a few times. The woman said that, "Pedro just stood there and took it 'like a man'." lol. Looks like there won't be any baby donkeys next spring. According to Steve, Pedro said, "Man, I came all the way here for my summer vacation and all I got was kicked in the groin." HAHAHA :)

Ok, I loved this goat (on the left). Look at her floppy ears! She reminded me SO MUCH of my dog Trixie. The goat with the horns was eating his food out of his own bucket (the girl goat had her own bucket) and she was stepping on the boy goat's head and trying to eat HIS food! She looked like she was trying to drown him in his food, lol. She really loved Steve and kept trying to make Steve pet her head (just like Trixie!). I thought she just wanted to eat his hoodie because I had a goat at the zoo nibble on my shirt before! 
Mommy and baby sheep...
Konnor and some LOUD piggies...
A little cow...
A rooster and all his girlfriends...
And grumpy Konnor, haha :)
Our Family Picture :)
We ended up buying a big jack-o-lantern to carve, two small pie pumpkins (for pumpkin pie, nom nom), and a teeny, tiny little pumpkin for Konnor...but that will be a post for another day!



  1. OMG!!!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! I'm lovinggg the pictures! and there's pumpkins EVERYWHERE!!!! You might want to watch that pumpkin pie your going to make.... the pie thief might steal it ;);)

    awww, Im so glad you guys had a great day!!

  2. Connor Looks just like your dad when the girls used to bring out their holloween candy That they hid away till all of us boys had eaten all of ours.

    But in twenty years he will love these

    Claude Van Zandt

  3. Where is this, I totally want to take Maddy!

  4. I can't believe Konnor was so grumpy, because it looked like lots of fun. I still think he misses his grandma. I HAVE to get a webcam.