Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Many Hats I Wear...

I may be "unemployed", but I am not jobless!
I am a:
Weekly Menu Planner
Master Budgeter
Bill Payer Extraordinaire
24/7 Gourmet Chef
Cleaner of the Home
Researcher and Planner of Future Endeavors
Craigslist "Stuff" Seller
Dog Trainer and Caretaker
Part-Time "Nurse" (For random minor ailments)
and Full-Time Baby Wrangler!!

Among other things like Super Laundry Maiden and Love and Support Giver :)

I also used to be a "YouTuber".
Before Konnor was born I was uploading a lot of makeup tutorials and random videos to YouTube and I have been trying to decide if I want to start filming again.
Screen shot from one of my old videos!
Filming can be a lot of fun, but it's also time consuming (especially after all the editing!). Along with that, there are so many cruel people on YouTube who purposefully spend their entire day searching for videos just to leave comments saying how ugly and stupid you are and that you should just kill yourself. So that's pleasant.

I removed a bunch of my old videos because, well...they were just bad! Haha, I was really just beginning and really had no place teaching others how to do anything! I'm not saying that I have any type of authority now even, but it is fun to share what you know, even if it is a small bit of knowledge.

As of right now, I'm lucky if I have time to take a proper shower let alone film an entire tutorial, then edit it, then upload it, but maybe you'll all be seeing links to YouTube videos in the coming months...


p.s. it's hella easy to find me on YouTube if you really want to, but it's not something I openly advertise because the videos aren't that great. Most of my videos have been made non-public, but some are still there if you really, really need something to do! Hahaha...don't say I didn't warn you though!

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  1. yeah people are definitely cruel on youtube, they hate on everything!