Monday, January 17, 2011

More Peas Please!!

Konnor has officially started on "solid" foods! Yes, he's almost 7 months old, and most people start their babies on solids around 4-6 months of age, but I waited this long...mainly because of laziness. Hahaha. I mean, one of the reasons I breast feed is because it's so dang easy and low maintenance! No formula to measure out, no water to warm up, no bottles to wash and sanitize. Nope, it's just, "Oh, you're hungry? Here's a boob!" The End. Hahaha... but now with starting solids I would have to strap him in his high chair, put a bib on him, get the food out, possibly warm it up in the microwave, feed it to him, clean him up, clean his bowl and spoon, etc. That just seemed like one huge hassle to me! (Ok,'s really not THAT bad.)
 So Konnor's first solid food was mashed up peas! I decided to go with peas because they are Steve's least liked vegetable (after beets).  I'm not going to say if Konnor liked them or not because I've read that it can take a baby a few tries before they decide if they like a taste or not. He ate almost all of them on his first try and he ate ALL of them on his second try!
 He's saying, "I don't know how I feel about this mom".
 He ate ALMOST all of it though!
He was much happier about eating his peas the second time around :)

There hasn't been too much excitement going on around here lately...
 We made some granola bars...YUMMY!
 Braved the snowy mounds to go on an adventure to....
 The doctor's office (we all had a cough (with mucous...EW!) but it's gone now!)
 Konnor and "Awoo" fell asleep on the way home...
 I finally found a hanging fruit (err...verggie) basket (at the Salvation Army)!! Yay! It's kind of hanging crooked, but Steve is going to fix that eventually...
 And we loaded up on fruit...and onions.
Konnor is really starting to get around! I put him down on his play mat (in the background) and he kind shuffled his way over to his books (I had to sit him up once he got there)! I not really prepared for his mobility yet! I'll set him down to play, turn my back for 5 seconds and BAM!...he's across the room getting into something! Hahaha, well maybe not ALL the way across the room (yet!) :) It's kind of nice though because he is learning how to entertain himself for a while so he isn't crying to be held as much! daddy kisses...
 Katarra, Konnor, my Dad, and took us about 5 tries to get this picture to look right! First is was really blurry, then Steve put his finger over the flash, then Konnor was distracted by the ceiling fan...but we finally got it! We spent most of the day yesterday in Hudson visiting Grandpa and Aunt Katarra and had a really great time :)

Now I'm off to make some lasagna for lunch/dinner! 


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  1. I didn't see this before. yay for Konnor, he ate peas & didn't spit them on you. I also love his bib. I miss you all soooo much.