Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Opinion Bomb (About Food)!

So you might be asking yourself, "What's with all this "made from scratch" food business I've been seeing so much of on your blog Michelle?" Well, if you REALLY want to know...

We are overhauling the way we eat in this family. Major overhaul. We are going to stop eating processed "food" that is so far from being actual food that it makes more sense to refer to it as "chemicals in a package". We aren't going to eat produce that has been genetically modified or sprayed with gallons of chemical pesticides and herbicides. We aren't going to eat beef from cows that are raised in a factory rather than on a farm. Etc, etc, etc.

Well, we're taking baby steps (and some giant leaps) in that general direction anyway.

"Oh, I'd love to eat better, but it's too expensive." you might be thinking. Trust me, I've said that a million times. And I'm not saying that I think everyone should make this change... I'm just saying that this is how we are doing it.

First of all, nutrition should be one of our top priorities. Food is what keeps our body alive, healthy, and functioning. Why WOULDN'T we put food first?! I see so many people putting clothes, accessories, and electronics way before food. They will spend $400 on a new purse, but not more than $2 on dinner. Please inform me on how that purse is going to keep you alive, healthy, or functioning properly?

We are going to start making food a top priority by spending money on nourishing whole foods rather than junk food and processed food. There's some savings. Also, Steve and I don't have cell phones.
"GASP! What!? How do you LIVE!?"
It's actually really, really nice to not have a cell phone. I mean, why do I need to check Facebook while I'm at a restaurant? For some people, the thought of not having a cell phone is ridiculous, but just having a home phone is a. cheaper and b. a lot less annoying in my opinion.
So instead of spending $120 a month on an annoying cell phone that isn't necessary, I can spend $120 on healthy food which IS necessary. Wow, what a concept.

ANYWAY... we also save money by not having cable (we don't even have one of those HD converter box thingies, but that's just because we never got around to getting one!)...
A lot of people aren't willing to give up those luxuries, and that's fine, but that's how we free up money for good food (and bills too!).

Also, Steve and I recently joined a Farming Co-op (short for cooperative). Basically, you become a member of the Co-op by buying a "share" of the farm, (aka you own part of the farm) and then you can buy beef, pork, poultry, eggs, dairy products, honey, maple syrup, etc. directly from the farm. I am really excited that Konnor will know that hamburger meat comes from a farm down the road, not from a Kroger, lol. So many kids today don't understand that their chicken nuggets come from a chicken! Or that vegetables come from the ground!

Speaking of vegetables, we also plan to join a vegetable CSA. CSA stands for "community supported agriculture". It pretty much works the same way as a co-op. You buy a share of the farm, and every week the farmer brings you a big box of organic vegetables. YAY!

We are making a lot of other little changes here and there that will eventually build up over time. I'm pretty much over letting multi-million dollar corporations sell me junk, chemicals, toxins, and lies just so they can continue to get richer. I really don't care for the "mainstream" way of doing things anymore (and this has been a LONG time coming...)

Alright, this entry is getting long, and there aren't even any pictures in it (EW!). I'm not saying that everyone should eat like we are planning to eat blah blah blah. I'm just saying that I know it's what's best for me, Steve, and most importantly, Konnor. He is what motivated me to make this change anyway. I don't want him to be another obese child with Type 2 Diabetes and on 6 different prescription medications (that's a whole 'nother post).

So, that's why you will be seeing more homemade food posts from me in the future :)

Oh, and if you were slightly intrigued at all about what I wrote (or you are bored, whichever) might I suggest you watch the documentary Food, Inc. It's very informative. I just got the chance to watch it today (long AFTER we started making changes) and it just made me feel even stronger about my decisions. You can find the movie online for free if you do a simple Google search!

'til next time,


  1. awesome post! I'm excited to see more posts along this line. How did you find the farm co-op? Where is it?

  2. :) I'm very proud of you guys! These are important steps, and like you said you are doing what's best for ALL of you:) (AND, when the world ends, you'll be covered ;).... we've talked about this.haha)

  3. Jessica: I think I found the farm through the Blue Cloud Cloth journal, but I can't remember for sure. I also searched on for CSAs and Co-ops in the area. I'll Facebook message you more info about our farm :)

    Julie: Thanks! Yeah, especially with all the birds falling from the sky recently, I'm like...OMG I need a fall out shelter stat! hahaha...

  4. Michelle,
    I also have been striving to do better nutritionally. It is crazy when you think about how much better you feel-at least me. I didn't even realize I was feeling bad until i started feeling better. And I probably have lost 40-50lbs. :)

    P.S. I don't have cable either! ;-) I don't really miss it very much though.

  5. You are really making me want to eat differently except not quite from scratch maybe?? I think buying stuff from the Amish in Yoder would be a good start. We do need to spend money more on good food but that will have to wait until I find another job. As you know, we don't have either cell phones or cable tv. We get enough channels with antenna & I can talk to you on internet & even see you & Konnor on webcam. I'm trying to give up pop but we will see how that goes. I have always loved you for your unique ideas & style & NOT going with the flow. I love you!! Mom