Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Very Special Christmas Blog

It's 2:13am and I definitely should be sleeping. Konnor and Steve are sleeping, all snuggled up, warm in their beds, but here I am, still awake, typing this blog! Ever since we returned home from our trip to Kansas, I have been meaning to write this special Christmas edition blog, and I keep nagging myself to do it, but I haven't had the chance (nor the motivation), until just now...at 2:13am.

For starters, we had three Christmases this year. One for our little family (On 12/23), one at Steve's parents' house (On 12/25), and one in Kansas and my mom and Jim's house (On 12/26). WHEW. There was a lot of gift giving going on (mostly to Konnor lol), but it was an amazing time (even though ALL of our Delta flights were majorly delayed and they lost my luggage TWICE)...anyway...
 Our stockings (Steve's, mine, and Konnor's). I absolutely love my stocking. My grandma made one for me and one for my sister Katarra (they are matching, except hers is wearing a dark blue dress and has light blue eyes). I have had it forever and might have to name a future daughter "Michelle" just so I can pass it down! (kidding, kidding...or maybe one of my family members will name a daughter after me? ;))
 Our cute little fiber-optic tree. We had the opportunity to get a big sized tree this year, but we decided against it because we weren't going to be home for much of the holiday break anyway.
 My happy little baby waiting to open presents! He is getting more and more adorable by the second.
 This is his "I'm a little stinker" face. lol.
Konnor with grandma, in his little gift opening outfit, complete with elf booties!
 This picture is significant because of the box of Life Saver candies and the Tootsie Roll Bank. My mom has bought me sisters and I a Life Saver box and a Tootsie Roll Bank for our stockings every year of our lives! This year Konnor got his first pair. I can't wait to carry out this tradition for him in the coming years :)
 My mom, Konnor, and me at my Auntie Kim's house in Kansas.
 This picture marks the beginning of a new tradition. From now on, every year (we started at 6 months) we are going to take a picture of Konnor wearing this exact sweater of Steve's. In about 18 years, he will actually fit into it, and I think it's going to be wonderful to watch him grow into it a little bit more every year.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
p.s. Steve and I spent our New Year's Eve in his parents' car traveling down 23. We were supposed to get to his parents' house around 11:00pm and have plenty of time to watch the ball drop, BUT because our flights were delayed and my luggage was lost, we didn't get to their house until long after midnight. This was the first year I didn't get to watch the ball drop AND I didn't get my New Year's kiss.
(boo hoo hoo)


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