Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's All About Konnor!

This entire post is dedicated to my growing little boy! Recently someone asked me how I liked motherhood. I said that it was the most challenging thing I have ever attempted to do, but it was also the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my entire life. One smile or one laugh is enough to outweigh a thousand cries and poopy diapers!
 Konnor and daddy smiling for mommy :D
 Giving mommy kisses, he was very enthusiastic about giving me a kiss, haha!
 Konnor and his little blue fluffy butt!
 Big smile :D
 All tuckered out...
 So handsome! This is his, "Yes, I know I'm adorable" look. 
 He looks like a baby doll! Kinda creepy. haha! (I was laying down with him right before this was taken so he wasn't just laying there by himself!)
 "Hey mommy!" 
 He loves climbing into his car seat and playing with/chewing on the straps and clips.
 Story time with daddy :D
 "What's in this thing?!"
 He has to pull ALL the books off the shelf in order to choose one :)
 From all smiles...
to THIS in 2.3 seconds! hahaha, then he was cuddled and everything was good again :) 
Pulling himself up on the coffee table...
And finally....just look at all those teethers! He has 6 now!!

My little man is growing up!! I love you Konnor! <3

-Michelle aka Mommy