Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Blog With No Theme!

Just look at that mischievous little face!  Konnor was playing on the floor and a turned away for 5 seconds and when I looked back, he was sitting on the couch just like this! I was like, "What?! How did you get up there?!" Hahaha, now I have to find a new "hiding place" for things I don't want him to have. I used to put stuff on the back of the couch, but now he can reach it! 

Also, Seester finally sent me some of the pictures that were on her phone from our trip!
Maleigha getting attacked by the tickle monster!
I'm not sure what we were looking at...

Maleigha eating snacks while we get our picture taken.

Hahaha, here is Konnor's 1 year old picture in Daddy's sweater. I'm hiding behind him because holding him upright with the sweater on was the only way we could get the picture! Here's how much he's grown in 6 months:
'til next time,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

IF you tell Steve that he's being slow...
He will put pure salt in your mouth.

IF you put salt in Michelle's mouth...
She will smear blue frosting all over your face.

IF you smear blue frosting all over Steve's face...
He will splash a cup of cold water all over your shirt.

 Channeling his inner "Braveheart".
 Awww...we made up <3

Also today, Konnor had his one year check up! He's just a smidge under 20 lbs, he's 30 inches long, and he's perfectly normal. :D He got 2 shots today and he barely even cried! I was expecting all out wailing and crying, but he just whimpered a little until I told him that he was okay!

His super rad Curious George band-aids!

At first I was VERY skeptical of getting any vaccines for Konnor because of certain things I had read about their effectiveness and safety. Up until today, he had only gotten 2 rounds of the Hepatitus B vaccine and that was only because I agreed to it while I was still out of my mind from the morphine they gave me during labor. They were like, "Hey lady who is drugged up, sign these papers." So drugged up me was all, "Sure! Sounds awesome!" Then they gave him the Hep B then at his next checkup, they just gave him the next round without even warning me first (this was at his old pediatrician in Adrian)! After that, I decided to wait on the vaccines for a while.
His new pediatrician (my doctor in Ann Arbor) is basically a hippie who uses homeopathic and natural remedies first before prescription drugs (he's awesome!) so we had a talk about what he recommended for Konnor when it came to vaccines and we agreed on which ones he would get and when and I feel pretty good about it. 

What I don't feel good about is this new allergy I must have developed to Zest bar soap! My sister Katarra gave me some bars of Zest and I put them in a plastic bag in my living room and since then, all I can smell is Zest! My eyes water, my throat is dry and itchy... BAD. I even moved the soap to the bathroom, far away from where I am right now and all I can smell is Zest! Uugghh...

itchy eyes and dry throats,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seesterly Love!

With all of the excitement over Konnor's party, I never got the chance to write about visiting my Seester Stephanie in South Bend! After we went to Stevesville, Steve, Konnor, and I travelled about an hour south to South Bend, Indiana, where my Seester is living now. She is staying with her mom and dad (ready to be confused? Stephanie is my step-sister because my mom used to be married to her real dad) right now so I got to see them too, and of course I got to see my niece Maleigha!

Just look at that beautiful little face! She is 3 years old now and she has started calling me "Seester" just like her mommy does! I LOVE IT! It's so adorable.
Konnor and Maleigha playing together. They had a lot of fun jumping on Seester's bed!
Here we are showing off our good looks... We got some actually nice pictures taken too, but they are on Seester's phone and she hasn't sent them to me yet (even though I've asked her to repeatedly...mmhmm I'm giving you "the look" Sees!)
These little critters kept following us around the store... the cat was really cute, but the raccoon was kinda stinky. Hahahaha!! Seester's "mask" actually went home with her, but I had to leave the kitty behind...
And her is Steve looking "foxy"! Hahaha, I'm hilarious, I know...

So other than play around in WalMart, we went to the South Bend zoo, BUT I forgot my camera so I don't have any photographic evidence of that adventure. Sees took some picture on her camera, but you know...she hasn't sent me any of those either...

One cool thing that happened while we were there was a GINORMOUS tree fell in Seester's back yard during a storm! It wasn't even a storm really, it was raining and the wind was blowing a little bit, but THIS happened:

You can't see it, but there is a fence underneath that tree that was obliterated! It was pretty cool and really loud!
On the drive back to Michigan, we went through this storm:

Yeah, it was pretty scary.

I love visiting my Seester, but it's always bittersweet, because I HHAAATTTEEE leaving, it always makes me cry. I only get to see my Seester about 4 times a year and now that she will be moving to Michigan (waaayyy up north), I'll prolly see her even less. Sad Panda.
Oh yay! Here is a nice picture of us that I stole off of her facebook :D


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Howdy Cowpoke!

Today we celebrated Konnor's first birthday with a cowboy/barnyard themed party!
We didn't get off to a good start however...
We were late getting the cake because of traffic, so we were late getting everything packed into the car and getting to the park to set up. When we got to the gatehouse, the attendant told us it would cost $3 to get in so I said, "No, we already paid for ourselves and all of our guests. I set up a billing agreement with the parks & rec people." Turns out he had already charged a couple of our guests who had arrived early. I asked him to call the park ranger because I was not going to let him charge everyone to get in when we already paid for everyone to get in for free!
So he calls the ranger and the ranger says that our party isn't even scheduled for that specific park and that they have no paperwork for us and that our party was scheduled for a different park! So Steve and I drove back home and got all of our paperwork that proved that we were scheduled for that specific park and that we had already paid for everyone's entry fee. Finally, I use the paperwork to convince the gate attendant to let my guests in for "free" but he says I have to make a list of everyone who is coming (I had already turned in such a list to the parks & rec dept. a week prior mind you). So I'm sitting there trying to remember 30+ names off the top of my head 10 minutes after the party already started and nothing is set up yet. Finally I tell the guy that I'm not going to sit there and wrack my brain when I did nothing wrong. If someone comes and says they are there for the D. party, let them in. He told me that the park ranger would be along soon to get everything worked out with me and that I needed to leave all of my paperwork with him. UM NO. I told him that there was no way in hell I was leaving my paperwork with him to get lost or misplaced or something! I had 3 copies of the same contract, so I left him one copy walked off to start setting up! And get this, at our pavilion there was a big sign that said "Reserved for Michelle D.". So YES, we were supposed to be there!
Anyway, the ranger showed up with my original guest list and apologized (kind of) and I asked him to reimburse the people who had paid to get in (he did). So I am going to the parks & rec department on Monday to give them a piece of my mind! Our party started 45 minutes late because of them and I was stressed to the max because of them!
After everything was sorted out, we had a great time!!

All that planning and hard work payed off! I am so thankful for everyone who showed up, helped out, and made Konnor's first birthday party amazing and memorable!! Now this exhausted momma is going to crawl into bed with her loves.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Honeymoon Beach, Past & Present...

Even though it's been quite awhile since I posted, I want to share some pictures from our recent "mini vacation" to Stevensville, MI and South Bend, IN. Stevensville is where Steve and I went on our honeymoon. While we were there honeymooning, we decided that we wanted to go to the beach, but we didn't want to have to pay to enter the state park. So we just wandered around for a while and asked locals how to get to the beach for free. Eventually we happened upon this dirt road that led to a sandy path that winds between some private properties and spills out onto a lovely public access beach!
This year, Steve only got 1 week of vacation time, so he positioned it right over his birthday, our anniversary, and Konnor's birthday. I decided that I wanted to go back to Stevensville and hunt down that "secret" path to the beach again. We were lost for a little while because we didn't know the name of the beach and we never wrote down how to get there either, but we eventually found it! Yay!
View from the path 2011
View from the path 2008

 I really want to make it a tradition to go to that beach (dubbed "Honeymoon Beach") every couple of years and take new pictures and take our children.
 Konnor didn't really know what to make of the cold water or the crashing waves, but he loved playing with the rocks!