Saturday, June 25, 2011

Howdy Cowpoke!

Today we celebrated Konnor's first birthday with a cowboy/barnyard themed party!
We didn't get off to a good start however...
We were late getting the cake because of traffic, so we were late getting everything packed into the car and getting to the park to set up. When we got to the gatehouse, the attendant told us it would cost $3 to get in so I said, "No, we already paid for ourselves and all of our guests. I set up a billing agreement with the parks & rec people." Turns out he had already charged a couple of our guests who had arrived early. I asked him to call the park ranger because I was not going to let him charge everyone to get in when we already paid for everyone to get in for free!
So he calls the ranger and the ranger says that our party isn't even scheduled for that specific park and that they have no paperwork for us and that our party was scheduled for a different park! So Steve and I drove back home and got all of our paperwork that proved that we were scheduled for that specific park and that we had already paid for everyone's entry fee. Finally, I use the paperwork to convince the gate attendant to let my guests in for "free" but he says I have to make a list of everyone who is coming (I had already turned in such a list to the parks & rec dept. a week prior mind you). So I'm sitting there trying to remember 30+ names off the top of my head 10 minutes after the party already started and nothing is set up yet. Finally I tell the guy that I'm not going to sit there and wrack my brain when I did nothing wrong. If someone comes and says they are there for the D. party, let them in. He told me that the park ranger would be along soon to get everything worked out with me and that I needed to leave all of my paperwork with him. UM NO. I told him that there was no way in hell I was leaving my paperwork with him to get lost or misplaced or something! I had 3 copies of the same contract, so I left him one copy walked off to start setting up! And get this, at our pavilion there was a big sign that said "Reserved for Michelle D.". So YES, we were supposed to be there!
Anyway, the ranger showed up with my original guest list and apologized (kind of) and I asked him to reimburse the people who had paid to get in (he did). So I am going to the parks & rec department on Monday to give them a piece of my mind! Our party started 45 minutes late because of them and I was stressed to the max because of them!
After everything was sorted out, we had a great time!!

All that planning and hard work payed off! I am so thankful for everyone who showed up, helped out, and made Konnor's first birthday party amazing and memorable!! Now this exhausted momma is going to crawl into bed with her loves.



  1. Sorry maddy was so crabby. I feel terrible and keep thinking that maybe we should have just left :(

  2. Don't worry about it at all! We understand that she's just a baby, and that's what babies do! lol. I know that Konnor will have his moments like that, probably when we are in a fancy restaurant or in an airplane O_O. Be glad you were outside! Haha :) I'm glad you were there!!

  3. You really did great with the party decorations & the theme was cute. I will have to try & take vacation time off next year so I can be there for Konnor's 2nd b-day. I'm glad the party turned out good after all the hassle. Love you guys. Mom & Grandma Melody