Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

IF you tell Steve that he's being slow...
He will put pure salt in your mouth.

IF you put salt in Michelle's mouth...
She will smear blue frosting all over your face.

IF you smear blue frosting all over Steve's face...
He will splash a cup of cold water all over your shirt.

 Channeling his inner "Braveheart".
 Awww...we made up <3

Also today, Konnor had his one year check up! He's just a smidge under 20 lbs, he's 30 inches long, and he's perfectly normal. :D He got 2 shots today and he barely even cried! I was expecting all out wailing and crying, but he just whimpered a little until I told him that he was okay!

His super rad Curious George band-aids!

At first I was VERY skeptical of getting any vaccines for Konnor because of certain things I had read about their effectiveness and safety. Up until today, he had only gotten 2 rounds of the Hepatitus B vaccine and that was only because I agreed to it while I was still out of my mind from the morphine they gave me during labor. They were like, "Hey lady who is drugged up, sign these papers." So drugged up me was all, "Sure! Sounds awesome!" Then they gave him the Hep B vaccine...so then at his next checkup, they just gave him the next round without even warning me first (this was at his old pediatrician in Adrian)! After that, I decided to wait on the vaccines for a while.
His new pediatrician (my doctor in Ann Arbor) is basically a hippie who uses homeopathic and natural remedies first before prescription drugs (he's awesome!) so we had a talk about what he recommended for Konnor when it came to vaccines and we agreed on which ones he would get and when and I feel pretty good about it. 

What I don't feel good about is this new allergy I must have developed to Zest bar soap! My sister Katarra gave me some bars of Zest and I put them in a plastic bag in my living room and since then, all I can smell is Zest! My eyes water, my throat is dry and itchy... BAD. I even moved the soap to the bathroom, far away from where I am right now and all I can smell is Zest! Uugghh...

itchy eyes and dry throats,

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  1. No blue frosting on Konnor's face? you could have all been Smurfs. lol Konnor must be a trooper like you when it comes to shots. You just sat in my lap & said "bring it on, give me what you got" lol I hate it when you become allergic to something you haven't been to before. My sinuses swell sometimes when I have no idea what is making them swell. :( I'll make sure I have no Zest around.