Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seesterly Love!

With all of the excitement over Konnor's party, I never got the chance to write about visiting my Seester Stephanie in South Bend! After we went to Stevesville, Steve, Konnor, and I travelled about an hour south to South Bend, Indiana, where my Seester is living now. She is staying with her mom and dad (ready to be confused? Stephanie is my step-sister because my mom used to be married to her real dad) right now so I got to see them too, and of course I got to see my niece Maleigha!

Just look at that beautiful little face! She is 3 years old now and she has started calling me "Seester" just like her mommy does! I LOVE IT! It's so adorable.
Konnor and Maleigha playing together. They had a lot of fun jumping on Seester's bed!
Here we are showing off our good looks... We got some actually nice pictures taken too, but they are on Seester's phone and she hasn't sent them to me yet (even though I've asked her to repeatedly...mmhmm I'm giving you "the look" Sees!)
These little critters kept following us around the store... the cat was really cute, but the raccoon was kinda stinky. Hahahaha!! Seester's "mask" actually went home with her, but I had to leave the kitty behind...
And her is Steve looking "foxy"! Hahaha, I'm hilarious, I know...

So other than play around in WalMart, we went to the South Bend zoo, BUT I forgot my camera so I don't have any photographic evidence of that adventure. Sees took some picture on her camera, but you know...she hasn't sent me any of those either...

One cool thing that happened while we were there was a GINORMOUS tree fell in Seester's back yard during a storm! It wasn't even a storm really, it was raining and the wind was blowing a little bit, but THIS happened:

You can't see it, but there is a fence underneath that tree that was obliterated! It was pretty cool and really loud!
On the drive back to Michigan, we went through this storm:

Yeah, it was pretty scary.

I love visiting my Seester, but it's always bittersweet, because I HHAAATTTEEE leaving, it always makes me cry. I only get to see my Seester about 4 times a year and now that she will be moving to Michigan (waaayyy up north), I'll prolly see her even less. Sad Panda.
Oh yay! Here is a nice picture of us that I stole off of her facebook :D



  1. Are those wallets?!!? I want one!!! lol

  2. Yes they are!! They were at the WalMart in South Bend, so they should hopefully be at WalMarts around here can kinda tell in the pictures that they are SPARKLY. It was basically killing me not to buy one!