Wednesday, August 3, 2011



 Doing his best Rambo impersonation while at my mom's house. He was helping my mom and I as we tried to ambush Jim when he got home from work. We failed miserably by the way because after almost an hour of planning our attack...our nerf guns jammed and throwing the "bullets" just don't have the same effect!!
 First time he ever fell asleep in his high chair...(this was taken at my mom's also).
 I caught Konnor planking! Hahahaha! He's so trendy!
 Adorbsable <3
 Konnor came waltzing out of the kitchen just chomping away at this pepper! Steve left the bag of peppers on the floor so Konnor took it upon himself to get one out and nom on it! Good thing they weren't hot peppers! (Also, note his birthday boy crown that he wore for almost an hour!)
Konnor playing with Mr. Potato Head pieces...which I had to eventually take away from him because he was shoving like, a set of eyes, a nose, and an ear in his mouth all at one time! Not good! I tried to put the mustache on him, but it wouldn't stay so he got the earring instead.

Summer is moving along SO FAST! We have been spending our days listening to music, having dance parties (consisting mostly of myself because Konnor just watches and laughs and Steve is "too cool" to flail around like a moron dance.)

We are also in the process of getting rid of 75% of our stuff! And when I say "getting rid of", I mean "trying to sell" because we need to make money to add to our "Moving 1,000 Miles Away" Fund.