Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lasers! Sparkles! Action! Adventure!

Good morning smiley face! I feel so blessed that I get to wake up to this smiling little face every morning! Konnor sleeps in his own crib now, but he usually wakes up around 6am wanting to come cuddle in bed with me and Steve. The good part about that is, he will usually fall back asleep until 9am! Yay! Three extra hours of sleep and cuddling!
Even though I look awful, I couldn't pass up posting this adorable Konnor face!
 In other news...I did something awesome yesterday. My mom bought me this cookbook that she also owns, called Make-A-Mix Cookery and it's amazing! It has recipes to make your own "mixes" that can be stored dry or frozen in order to save time, money, and sanity. Steve and I had a lot of rice lying around so I made three jars of "Chicken Rice Mix", three jars of "Mexican Rice Mix", and a jar of "Chili Mix". Now if I want to make the rice I just put one jar of the mix and 2 cup of water and some butter in a pot, boil for a while, and TA-DA! Chicken rice.
Plus the jars just look so pretty!
 The book has so many different kinds of mixes like a "master quick mix" that can be used to make about 40 different things (recipes for those things are included in the book!) basic cookie mixes, meat sauce mixes, hot chocolate mixes, etc. Also, have you ever seen those "Gift Jars" that have layers of ingredients for cookies or some other yummy treat, with a pretty label on it and baking directions? This book has the labels pre-made for you and teaches you how to make those jars! How cool is that?! (Yeah, I am really excited about this book if you can't tell!)
Thanks Mom!

Ok, less about food, more about who you actually came here to see! Today, Konnor reached a new milestone! HE PUT HIMSELF DOWN FOR A NAP! Steve put a pillow inside Konnor's "fort" because I mentioned how nice it would be if Konnor would just crawl in there and fall asleep and look what happened:
 He crawled into his fort, played around for a little while, then fell asleep! It was amazing!

Until next time,
p.s. The title of this blog is pretty much meaningless, I just couldn't think of a title so I wrote a bunch of exciting sounding words :D

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Packing Progress Report!

Now that moving day is a month (ish) away, my life consists of packing, organizing, cleaning, and GETTING RID OF STUFF! This is what we have packed so far:
It's mostly clothes, DVDs, and some of Konnor's toys. I can't pack most of our stuff yet because we are still using it or we are planning on getting rid of it! We are getting rid of: Our couch, 2 bookshelves, dining room table and chairs, hutch, another shelf thing, plates, pots and pans, glasses, TV, TV stand, and a bunch of other random things. Our philosophy is, the less stuff we have to move, the less expensive it will be to move (smaller moving truck, smaller storage unit, etc.)! Our moving plans aren't final, but we have to be out of this apartment on October 31st so we do know that!

Steve made a fort out of boxes for Konnor! He loved it! Notice his left hand in this picture...he was holding a gingersnap in that hand so he was crawling around on his wrist so he didn't get carpet gunk on his cookie. lol.
Here is Konnor and Steve inside of his "real" fort that we bought him at Ikea. He is in this phase where he likes to hide in little "cubby holes" around the apartment and stash his toys in little hiding places. It makes clean up time really interesting! 
(OK, I have to interrupt this paragraph real quick to say that Konnor is spinning/running around in circles right now as his way of "dancing" to "What's My Age Again?" by Blink 182 that I have playing on iTunes! He LOVES dancing! Oh, now he just fell down because he got too dizzy! Hahaha!)
Also, speaking of hiding things, here's a tip. Always check your laundry basket before dumping the clothes into the washer. Steve just threw them in there without really looking through them (I had already sorted them so I can see why he didn't think to look through them). There is a picture of my lotion up there to prove that "Clinique Dramatically Different" travel sized lotion can go through the washer AND the dryer and survive!! Konnor must have stashed this in the basket right before Steve went to put it in! After spending the night in the fridge, the lotion is back to normal! Yay!

Here are two of my favorite pictures of Konnor this week:
Soooo happy!!! I love his adorable little laugh and smile :D

Konnor and his glow worm fell fast asleep...

These pictures are from dinner tonight... Konnor "Pizza Sauce Face" D.!

My heart melts.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Rise and Shiny Face!

It has taken me like, 5 days to write this blog post for some unknown reason. I have rewritten it so many times, again for no good reason. I just wanted to share these pictures, because they are different than most of the other pictures I post. These were almost all taken by Steve FIRST THING IN THE MORNING! I literally woke up, and had the camera flashing in my face!

My hair likes to throw a party while I sleep:
I require coffee in order to get out of bed and Konnor gets his milk (again with the crazy hair):
Don't we just look amazing in the morning?! Undereye bags and all :)
Konnor is finally learning to smile for the camera! Yay!

 Steve's lovely mustache...that he stole from Mr. Potato Head Man...
Konnor has started scrunching up his nose when he laughs and I think it's so cute! You can kind of see it in this picture:
FINALLY got this post done! Woo Hoo!
Oh, I am still planning on doing a giveaway soon!