Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wanna See A Cool Project I Did?!

Ok dang it. I'm going to write this blog post! I've been sitting on it for what seems like a week now and every time I sit down to type it out, my mind goes blank, then it wanders off chasing a butterfly, then it realizes that it's lost in the woods, miles from home.  I've had half a (large) glass of wine and I am going finish this thing!
Ok, so here is my spice rack and all of my spices sitting on the counter. Oh wow, I just realized something. Look at that little short space in the front, with the red lid. Now look at how all the other spices are standing around it in a threatening and menacing way. Especially the Curry Powder, he's kind of a jerk anyway, but dang. I think that poor little spice must be shaking in his little spice boots! He looks like he's about to get jumped! Probably because he's a ginger (Haha get it!? A ginger because he has red "hair" and because Ok...moving on...)
Here is some baby food that may or may not be expired. So, you probably don't know this about me, but I LOVE GLASS JARS. Just something about them, I don't know what it is, but I love them. So I decided to take all of those spices up there, in their ugly, mismatched plastic containers and make them pretty.
Half a bottle of acetone and about 700 cotton balls later and the jars are label and glue free (And some hot water and soap)! The lids look like they still have food on them, but they don't! They were thoroughly scrubbed, but the rubber is permanently dyed on some of them from the original sealing process! (That part was typed a few days ago. Look at all the beautiful glass! So pure, so...clear. haha)
Lookie lookie what I did! I did a project and it worked out. What's that you say? This is probably the easiest thing anyone could ever do you say? How is this an accomplishment you say? Well, it's an accomplishment for me if I drink a glass of water so YES this is awesome to me.
Now they all "match" and look so nice with their cute little labels. So pretty, and they don't look so menacing anymore. Also, Fennel smells amazing, you should go smell some.
I discovered that not all baby food jars are the same size however. Some are different by like, a millimeter which was really not fun when it came time to put the lids back on. I spent about 30 minutes trying to find a lid that would fit the Cinnamon... stupid Cinnamon. That's also why I couldn't stack all of the spices like I wanted to, only some of them would fit that way.
Umm...I don't remember WHY Steve put those socks on Konnor like that, but it was cute therefore, picture.
And here we have Konnor making a big mess and laughing gleefully while he did it.

Yay! I finished it!