Sunday, November 13, 2011

Presenting the Unstoppable Konnor!

Today I tried to take some cute pictures of me and Konnor, but 95% of them turned out like this:
It's almost impossible to keep Konnor still long enough to get a non-blurry picture!
We call this one the big downward facing smile with double chin and scrunched up nose!

Speaking of noses...Where's you nose Konnor!? (Or...where's your boogers?!)
Me, Konnor, my mom, and Jesse (my mom's boyfriend's youngest son) volunteering for Holiday Fest! We were putting together all of the trees (there was like, a bazillion of them) and putting lights on them. Holiday Fest is something that TECH (the place where my mom and Jim work) puts on every year. It's some big, fancy winter land dinner thing where they auction off all kinds of awesome stuff like vacation packages, paintings, and jewelry to raise money for TECH.
My mom and Jesse quit bickering long enough for Jim to take this nice picture of us, hahaha! (notice how Konnor's foot is blurry!!! He's always on the go!).

After the Holiday Fest is all set up, I've been told it looks AMAZING!! I will hopefully have new pictures to put up when it's all decorated and beautiful looking!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Our First Week in Kansas!!!

I guess I will take advantage of this rainy day to finally finish this blog post!
Steve, Konnor, and I left Michigan October 21st and arrived in Hutchinson, KS on the 22nd! We were on the road for 30-some hours!! I got to drive a 2011 Chrysler 200!!! It was pretty amazing since I'm used to driving a '95 Taurus! If anyone needs to rent a car, I recommend renting from Hertz because their prices were amazing and they rent out awesome cars!
So we got to my mom's house on the 22nd and Steve had to leave on the 23rd in order to get the car back in time (Oh, and get my sister Katarra back in time for work. She secretly rode out with us to surprise my mom!).
Here is Konnor and Steve getting some pictures taken together before Steve had to head back to Michigan. He had to go back for a while to finish working and tie up some other loose ends...
Before Steve and Katarra went back to Michigan, we all went to eat at Fazoli's and this picture is Konnor thoroughly enjoying his left over ravioli from Fazoli's! He was licking the plate and being super silly...I got it on video too!

The first Saturday that we spent in Hutchinson was packed with things to do! First we went to a MONSTER garage sale at the fairgrounds (Hutchinson is home to the Kansas State Fair every year so the fairgrounds are huge!) The "garage sale" was in a huge building and different people came and set up tables. There were over 150 booths (which consisted of 3-4 tables each) in this building! I wish I would have taken some pictures! We woke up at 5:30am in order to get there early...and when we got there, it was already packed! These people take garage sales very seriously!  We got: a jogging stroller for only $15!!! Some awesome, vintage cat eye glasses with jewels on them (you'll see them later), a hello kitty purse (yes, I love hello kitty still!!), and some other stuff...I can't even think right now.

After the garage sale, we went to the annual Chili Cook-off! People set up tables all over the downtown area (I think there were 35 tables?) and people walk around trying all the chili's and at the end you vote for who your favorite was. It was really fun (and tiring!). The chili I voted for got 3rd place!
Konnor enjoying the Chili Cook-off...
The furiture store was having an ugly couch contest where the winner got $500 towards a new couch! I voted for #2.  I don't know who won though...

Next on the list of events was Trunk or Treating! It's just like Trick or Treating, but instead of going door-to-door, you go trunk-to-trunk! I decided to get dressed up too, so I did my best Barbie impression...a much shorter, chubbier Barbie! Hahaha! Konnor made for the CUTEST little puppy around, even though he refused to keep his ears on and everyone thought he was a lion.
Konnor did such a good job of telling everyone "thank you" in sign language, but most people thought he was blowing kisses! (You put the palm of your hand to your mouth, and then kind of drop it down in an outward motion to say "thank you".)

These are my new (AMAZING) glasses that I got at the garage sale! I just could not pass them up! They resemble the glasses Marilyn Monroe wore in "How to Marry a Millionaire" so I just had to have them. Jim took the lenses out of them for me so I can wear them without getting a headache, haha.

Here we are going actual trick-or-treating on Halloween night:
You can see me with Konnor and his orange bucket, and my mom in the blue jacket. Konnor didn't even care about the candy, he just loved running up the sidewalk and waving to the people who were passing out the candy! He loved all the lights and other kids running just warmed my heart to see him having so much fun!

Another thing that warms my heart is watching Konnor get to play outside! He didn't get to go outside much in Ypsilanti (the one time I tried to take him out to play, we almost got attacked by a big dog because the owner thought she didn't have to follow the leash laws!)
Konnor loves playing in Grandpa Jim's garden, picking all of the veggies that didn't ripen in time.
So that was our first week (or so) in Kansas!