Sunday, November 13, 2011

Presenting the Unstoppable Konnor!

Today I tried to take some cute pictures of me and Konnor, but 95% of them turned out like this:
It's almost impossible to keep Konnor still long enough to get a non-blurry picture!
We call this one the big downward facing smile with double chin and scrunched up nose!

Speaking of noses...Where's you nose Konnor!? (Or...where's your boogers?!)
Me, Konnor, my mom, and Jesse (my mom's boyfriend's youngest son) volunteering for Holiday Fest! We were putting together all of the trees (there was like, a bazillion of them) and putting lights on them. Holiday Fest is something that TECH (the place where my mom and Jim work) puts on every year. It's some big, fancy winter land dinner thing where they auction off all kinds of awesome stuff like vacation packages, paintings, and jewelry to raise money for TECH.
My mom and Jesse quit bickering long enough for Jim to take this nice picture of us, hahaha! (notice how Konnor's foot is blurry!!! He's always on the go!).

After the Holiday Fest is all set up, I've been told it looks AMAZING!! I will hopefully have new pictures to put up when it's all decorated and beautiful looking!


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  1. :D That's awesome!!! :):)

    I want to decorate trees!!! lol Craig said not until after Thanksgiving(which I holiday at a time.....:( ))

    I noticed Konnors foot too :D