Sunday, December 9, 2012

3 Months Later...You Get An Update! Yay!

Ok dang it, I am determined to write a blog post before I have this baby! The main reason I haven't written one yet is because I got my computer working again. " does that make sense", you may be asking. Well let me explain. While my computer was on the fritz, I was using Steve's computer. A lot of the pictures we were taking were being stored on Steve's computer. Then I got my computer working again and started storing the pictures on it. When I would go to write a post, half the pictures I wanted were on Steve's computer and half were on mine (and some on my phone, and some on Steve's iPod). The thought of having to consolidate all of the pictures to one place was enough to make me give up on the post entirely! I know, I know...seems trivial, but I'M PREGNANT AND TIRED SO HUSH. Hahaha :D

Now I'm even more tired and it's getting pretty hard to move (only 11 more days 'til her due date!) so I'm laying on the couch relaxing and I am going to bang out a blog post in the laziest way possible...

Here's what you missed! (I had to go to my Facebook Timeline to remember what I did the last few months! Haha)

September (All of the pictures from September are scattered about so you are going to have to do without, sorry!):
First of all, my older sister Katarra moved from Michigan to Hutchinson! YAY! We are SO HAPPY to have her here. Katarra and I fought like CRAZY when we were kids, like literally had physical fights. but now we love each other! She is super helpful with Konnor and spoils the both of us...even Steve! Anyway, we love her!
When Katarra moved here, I got to see my dad at the same time because he drove her here! That was exciting for me since it had been close to a year since I got to see him. I really miss him :(
Let's see, some other things that happened in September where my younger sister (Seester!) Stephanie gave birth to her second daughter, Delainey! I got a new niece and I get to meet her soon!
We went to the State Fair which was huge, crazy, but lots of fun.
Konnor got his first hair cut!
I officially started nesting like a mad woman, cleaning and getting food stocked up for maternity leave!

We started stocking up on food this month. My paychecks pay for our groceries and while I'm on maternity leave I won't be making any money so I'm trying to be all girl-scout-like...or like the hyenas in Lion King and BE PREPARED! (Do it, sing the song!!) We made two pans of these twice baked potatoes and froze them. We still have 1 bag left in the freezer and they are pretty tasty! We also made a bunch of "McMuffin" type breakfast sandwiches and froze them too! Yum!
 Random picture of a HUGE deli sandwich that we bought at Dillons (aka Kroger for you Michigan/Indiana people) for only $5!!! We added tomato, lettuce, and BACON to it! It was sooo good. (This month is pretty much all about food btw.)
 Some salmon, rice, and asparagus we had one day. We have salmon like, once a year because it's EXPENSIVE, but I had a coupon :)
 My famous lasagna. Well, it's my dad's recipe, but still this stuff is amazing and we only have this like twice a year because the ingredients are so expensive. We use 4 or 5 different types of cheese so the price adds up pretty fast!
 Konnor being adorable with Auntie in the background!
 Ok, this picture is a BIG DEAL. Look at how thick and fluffy those pancakes are! We make out pancakes from scratch and we have been experimenting, literally for years, trying to make the perfect, fluffy pancakes and we FINALLY did it!!! We combined like about 3 different recipes that we liked from over the years, but none of them were perfect on their own. I am extremely excited about this!
 I had my baby shower this month! Ciera and my mom hosted it and it was really fun :)
 Steve had this great idea to make Jello jiggler "babies" and have it be a game to safety pin paper "diapers" on them. Whoever could pin the most diapers in 2 minutes was the winner! This is Ciera's plate, she was a PRO at pinning diapers on jello babies, hahaha! No one else was NEARLY as good!
 Just another picture of Konnor's cuteness...can't have enough of those!
 Me and K-Man right before going Trick-or-Treating, he was a dinosaur and I'm a pumpkin smuggler :D
 This is Konnor's old car seat...
 And here is the same car seat, only spruced up for baby girl! My mom and Katarra bought this amazing car seat cover for it! I love it!
 We decorated "mini pumpkins" this year...I wanted to get a big Jack-O-Lantern and carve it, but that just didn't end up happening. We had fun with these ones anyway!
 This is my "niece" Brooke who was a zombie bride for Halloween so I told her I'd do some make up on her to help her look more "dead".

 Our Christmas tree, very non-traditional...just how I like it!! :D
 Konnor with oatmeal on his face, but still cute!
 One of the projects I was working on. These are advent calendar bags. Each bag has an ornament and a piece of paper with part of Jesus' birth story on it. Each day, Konnor takes down a bag, gets to hang up the ornament, and we read part of the story. Teaching Konnor the ACTUAL reason for Christmas is very important to me and I'm trying my best. It's hard though with Santa and advertising EVERYWHERE.
 Here's me and baby girl!!!
(I am getting kind of tired of writing...but I'm gonna finish up quickly!)

 This is our makeshift Advent "Wreath" without the wreath part. Hopefully next year we will have a wreath for it. For anyone who doesn't know, you light one candle for each of the four weeks of Advent. The first 3 weeks are the purple candles and the last week is the pink candle. This is more of a Catholic tradition that we do to celebrate Advent.

 Instead of nesting by cleaning, I have basically been hoarding food. Haha! Well, prepping food anyway! That's our freezer and we have more food in my mom's deep freezer. I know that you aren't supposed to pack your freezer that tight because it's bad for air circulation, but we really don't have a choice right now. We have all kinds of potatoes in there, cooked brown rice, homemade chicken broth, veggies, yogurt, shredded chicken, ground beef, bacon, etc.
 More food! Yum, yum!
 Our pantry! Steve worked a BUNCH of overtime and we used the money to really stock up on staple items! We have pretty much anything you would need to make any basic meal recipe. (There is more stuff on the floor that you can't see like dried beans and rice, tomato sauce, and other bulk items.
I was extremely panicky before we got the last of the food we needed. We are still doing prep work (we are soaking and cooking beans at this moment), but I feel much better now. Knowing that we are going to be ok food-wise without a paycheck for 6 weeks is a nice feeling. (We do have money set aside specifically for fresh foods that we will need to get each week). A lot of meal planning and list making went into this and I'm pretty proud of it if I must say so myself! lol.
 Konnor stealing Daddy's hat!
 Being a cute little turd...
 And and baby girl (whose name will be announced after she is born...unless you get something in the mail that MIGHT have her name on it!!! So we have 11 days left until she is "scheduled" to be here, but I don't expect her to actually show up on her due date. Until then I'm just feeling pretty awful and miserable, but trying my best! I'm doing WAAAYYY better this time around than I did with Konnor! I think at this point with him, I stayed in my PJs all day long and pretty much didn't get out of bed either.

This will most likely be my last blog post until after she is born! Hope you enjoyed it!


Monday, August 27, 2012


We've got bellies growing and fur a flyin'! Lots of ch-ch-ch-changes (Am I the only one who sings that part? haha) around here! I keep getting bigger and bigger, the doggies look totally different after a haircut, my sissy-poo is moving her from Michigan in 6 days, and we have even been changing the way our house looks (aka trying my hand at "decorating"). Here's me and baby girl at 22 weeks and some days:
Me and Konnor, who is changing every day! He learns new words and things every single day. His newest "trick" is saying his name when you ask him what it is, except he says "Nonnor"!
Steve was trying to take some "nice" pregnancy pictures of me since we had such pretty lighting coming through the window, but he was making me laugh SO HARD that most of them look like this:
Me crying and trying not to laugh any more!
I think this is the best one he got!
On now to Trixie (left) and Widget (right) who were in DIRE NEED of a grooming!

We took them to the "Mutt Hut" and the lady there did a great job (and she didn't charge us an arm and a leg either)! Now they finally look super cute and cuddly and are a lot happier:
I'll leave you with the "happy-dog-rolling-on-the-carpet" picture!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to Look Like a Girl!

According to at least three people, this is how you make your 2-year old BOY look like a little GIRL!
#1 Blue Buzz Lightyear hat
#2 Treasure hunter shirt
#3 Blue and black plaid shorts
#4 Lightening McQueen shoes
#5 And oh yeah, longish hair

Apparently, that's the makings of a girly look! At least three people told Konnor they loved "her" hat and said "she" was so cute and asked how old "she"was! I don't know about you, but the kid in that picture above looks like a boy to me!
Here's Konnor giving mommy kisses at Wendy's! We went to Wendy's because I was craving a baked potato from there specifically and it just so happened to be the day when a local radio station was playing live at the restaurant so it was PACKED! Steve entered his name into a drawing they were having and he won a free t-shirt!
Aww, me and my precious little guy!

Bonus picture:
Konnor on a (RARE) rainy day! He looks like a little business man on his way to work! And yes, an old lady in Target asked Konnor where "she" got her little "slicker".

I guess if your hair is past your ears, you are automatically a girl around here...

'til next time,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Konnor's first trip to the ER...

Konnor had his very first trip to the emergency room this morning (don't worry, he's okay now)! It all started when we were getting ready to go to WalMart to buy some things... I was in the bathroom washing my hands or something (I can't remember now) and Steve was in the living room. I hear Widget and Trixie come flying down the hallway and Konnor chasing after them. The next thing I know, Konnor trips and smashed his forehead into the "sticking out" corner of the wall right by the bathroom door!I heard a huge "SMACK" and he starts screaming. It took me all of 2 seconds to bend over and pick him up to assess the damage and this is what I saw:
It was even bigger in real life, like a literal egg under his skin!
His head had swollen up that much in about 3 seconds! Steve was right next to me by then and I said, "Grab my purse, we are going to the hospital!" Thankfully we had been getting ready to leave anyway so we were all dressed and ready to go. I slipped some shoes on and ran out to the car with Konnor in my arms and Steve right behind me. I was so scared because I had never seen an injury swell that big, that fast! Konnor had stopped crying and was acting normal by the time we pulled out of the driveway, but I wanted to get the "all clear" on him before Steve and I both had to go to work later. We tried to keep an ice pack on his head, but he wasn't too interested in that... At the hospital, they got him in pretty fast and decided, because of his age and how huge the bump was, that they would do a cat scan!

Konnor having fun while mommy is trying to stay calm!
After the swelling had gone down some...
Daddy trying to keep Konnor occupied while we waited to get the cat scan...
So we went to the cat scan room and they laid Konnor down on the table. I was right next to him, holding his little hand and Steve tried to explain to him that it was "ok", they were just going to take some pictures of him! They started putting on the little kid-sized lead vest when I was thinking, "Oh crap! I shouldn't be in here!" I asked the tech what I should do and she showed me where to stand in the little viewing room where I would be safe from the "beam". I felt so terrible that I couldn't be by my little baby's side while he was scared and in pain, but Steve took extremely good care of him (of course) and the techs said he was the best little 2 year old they had ever worked with! (I'm still a little worried about residual radiation in that room and the fact that they left the viewing room door OPEN while doing the cat scan...)

The doctor looked over his pictures and said his brain and skull looked fine and we were clear to go home. THANK GOD Konnor was going to be just fine (short of a massive bruise on his head)!

He is laying next to me right now taking a nap and baby girl (who doesn't have a name yet) is kicking away happily in my belly.

And that concludes Konnor's first trip to the ER and his first cat scan!

'til we go on our next adventure...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Evidence of a Child in Your Home!

How to tell if you might have a little one in your home...
A trail of party hats in the kitchen...
A collection of Hot Wheels in your bed...
A huge pile of bath toys in your tub...
If you have these things happening in your house, you just might have a child playing somewhere!
Hahaha...I just love seeing all of the "evidence" of Konnor everywhere!

Oh and speaking of bath toys and baths...
Look at all those bubbles! I've never been a fan of bubble bath for Konnor because #1 I find the "normal" kind (usually the bottle is adorned with cartoon characters) is very harsh and drying and #2 Konnor likes to put the bath water in his mouth and occasionally...DRINK IT! (ew, ew, ew!) I spent most of bath time saying, "Konnor! Don't drink bath water!" Haha, the things that come out of your mouth when you're a mom...
Anyway...I finally found some bubble bath worth using! This stuff makes TONS of bubbles, is safe and natural, and  smells amazing! I generally don't even like lavender scented things, but this smells great. Also, this bottle comes with a frickin' bubble wand...come on, can't get more fun than that!!!

Now bath time is over and (most) of the toys have been cleaned we are watching the Little Mermaid and waiting for Daddy (Steve) to get home!!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

20 weeks pregnant and back with a blog post!

In the last 5 months since I posted, a lot has happened for our little family!
We found out we are going to have a new little baby!
Get it? A bun in the oven!
We moved into a new (rental) house!!
Back when our weeds were still green!
  Konnor went to his first carnival!
Driving a boat at the Cinco De Mayo carnival!
I got a JOB!
And Konnor turned TWO YEARS OLD!!
We take his picture wearing this sweater every year!
And here are some random pictures I got off of my phone over the last month or so:

Konnor lining up his dinos (and an elephant and a lizard lol)
Konnor "reading" a "book" while on the potty!
What our poor backyard looks like...
Konnor happily playing with his sand and water table!
Steve "practicing" for our baby girl with a friend's new little girl...
Konnor and Ernie in Walmart, Konnor got a new hat!
My precious little fluffy-head taking a nap...
I was trying to show how he creepily sleeps with his eyes open, but I couldn't get a good shot!
And...I debated on posting this picture or not because I look terrible! Taking a picture of yourself in a mirror that is leaning up against the wall is NOT flattering! Hahaha...but this is me and baby girl at 20 weeks...look how HUGE-MONGOUS I am already! EEK!

Well there you are, a BIG update! I'm going to TRY to keep up on my blog again because I did it for my pregnancy with Konnor so it's only fair to baby girl if I do the same for her!

Til' next time,