Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shhh... Mommy SECRETS Revealed!

 A couple of weeks ago, I read an article called "25 Best Mom Confessions of 2011". I expected the article to have some juicy confessions of the some of the "wrong" things mom's do when no one is looking. As all moms know, parenthood is one of the most highly judged jobs ever! Parents never do anything "right" according to everyone around them and people are usually not afraid to share their disapproval with you! (Think Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie who were both harshly judged after photos of their kids eating Cheetos were published!) Knowing that, I thought I might find some relief in reading the "secret" things other mom's do in order to make the day go by smoothly (or keep their sanity). Boy was I wrong. The "confessions" in the article were pretty lame. The comments other parents left saying what their confessions were even more disappointing!

Angelina received A LOT of flack for this picture!

For example, one of the moms shared her "embarrassing secret" that sometimes after her child's daily bath, she skips using lotion before dressing him or her! Oh my! Shocking! Most of the other "confessions" were just as mild! These moms are either A. Actually super moms who are WAY better than me or B. LYING. And I understand why they would lie! No one wants to be called a bad parent by others, but at the same time...pretending that you are a "perfect" parent can make other parents feel terrible!

So for all the moms, dads, or whoever reading this blog, I am going to try to be brave and post my actual "Mom Confessions" so that any parent out there who feels like they aren't perfect can see that I am not perfect either! Let the judgement (or your own relief!) begin! Hahaha!

-Some days, if we aren't going anywhere, we stay in our jammies all day!
-Konnor does not get a daily bath, at this age I don't think it's necessary for him!
-I read that children under 2 aren't supposed to watch TV or movies at all, but Konnor watches at least one movie a day (he's obsessed with them right now) and watches TV! 
-Konnor has eaten Happy Meals for dinner.
-Konnor loves Cheetos (but hey, he also loves tomatoes and broccoli)!
-Sometimes I get so frustrated and literally do not know what to do (kids don't come with handbooks!)
-I've yelled at and lost my temper with Konnor plenty of times when he was being naughty (And I feel guilty about it later)!

We always kiss and say "Sorry!" though! (Konnor's kissy face!)
I wish more parents could feel free to "confess", but judgement lurks around every corner and it really doesn't help anyone. In my opinion, unless it's a SERIOUS health or safety issue (like not buckling your child into a car seat!) then parents shouldn't HAVE to stress about being "perfect" all of the time! If we could all be honest, maybe we would discover that we have a lot more in common than we think, OR maybe I AM the only regular flawed-filled mom in a world full of super moms, who knows! Hahaha...

Hope this helped at least one parent feel a little relief!



  1. Great blog bub, love how you incorporated Konnor's kissysorry face :) -Steve

  2. Personally I think a lot of parents live in fear that someone will find what they do so offensive and call CPS on them.

    I know I'm not a perfect mother and most days Joe makes me feel like a bad mother when I ask what he does. However, I have seen him lose his temper so I don't believe that crap anymore.

    -Maddy and I have stayed in our pj's most of the day, I can't go without showering because my hair gets so gross, so the shower usually comes at like
    -Maddy has watched tv since the day she was born. She is no less "smart" or whatever the problem is, that anyone else her age. Most people actually can't believe that she is almost 2, they think she is almost 3.
    -I've yelled at her, I've spanked her (she laughs at me..I'm not even joking), and I've sent her to her room.
    -Maddy has definitely had Happy Meals, sometimes more than once a week because I hate cooking for 1.5 people and she won't eat it.
    -Maddy has cheetos, and chips, and candy.
    -Maddy has also had bowls of cereal for dinner.
    -Maddy and I share a bed. We have for almost a year. After Joe left, I think it helped us feel better. Although, she will be getting her own bed soon..she's a bed

    Let the judging begin!!!!

    1. I slept with my mom until I was pretty old..
      Not because I didn't have my own bed, but my mom worked 2nd shift and would get home pretty late. I'd always watch tv in her room and would often fall asleep in her bed, and she didn't want to wake me up so late to just move me to my own bed :)

  3. Michelle, I have those same mom confessions! We are not alone lol! We stay in our pajamas all day some days, watch tv a lot (if I am home alone, I need the background noise!), Wes eats french fries for dinner bc sometimes thats all I can get him to eat at the time, he doesn't get a bath every single day, and I get frustrated and yell and then feel guilty afterwards too. Thanks so much for posting this! :)

  4. I think these confessions are GREAT :) Konnor is amazing, and besides, who wouldn't want to spend the day in pj's or eating happy meals for dinner ;);)