Monday, March 12, 2012

My Week (Or So) In Cellphone Pictures!

While I'm working on another important post, hopefully these pictures from my cell phone will hold you over until it's finished!
 Konnor at the bank on a chilly day...
 Konnor being adorable (what's new?)...
 Konnor trying to ride his "new" tricycle that we bought for him at a cool thrift shop!
 Konnor playing with his straw at Carlos O'Kelly's (a Mexican restaurant in town)...
 Steve finishing his beer so he can start on his jumbo margarita! Hahaha!
 Konnor found a ducky full of bubbles in the yard!
Konnor is saying, "Grandpa, let's get this garden started!"

The end! I don't use my the camera on my phone nearly enough, mostly because I forget that I have one!