Monday, April 9, 2012

Konnor + Dye + Eggs= Look and See!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! Not only do I love dying eggs, but Easter is important to me as a Christian because it's the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus! I never really understood what eggs or bunnies had to do with Jesus, but I have recently learned more about why they coexist on Easter. It's been making me reconsider some traditions I grew up with. One thing is for sure though, I'll always love dying eggs and doing egg hunts! So anyway, this is what our celebration looked like this year! It all began with egg dying...OUTSIDE to avoid the mess that would have undoubtedly stained something indoors!!
Konnor has yet to learn patience so he crammed 2-3 eggs in each cup at a time!
Pffft!!! Who needs spoons or dippers?! Not a TRUE artist!!!
Very happy to be dying eggs with momma (and Daddy who is taking this picture)!
"Now my hand matches my shirt!!"
Konnor's beautiful masterpieces!! The crayon work was supplied by Mom and Dad, but the coloring is all Konnor's handiwork!
Fast forward to the next morning, Easter Sunday! Konnor ate a delicious breakfast while Steve and I hid his eggs and gift basket...Then the egg finding began!
Placing his found eggs back in the carton...
Obviously very excited to be finding eggs!
Konnor's basket! Grandma and Grandpa Dick got Konnor the fruit snacks, chocolate bar, and 3 summer outfits (which didn't fit in the basket), Grandma Melody and Grandpa Jim got him the movie Hop and the stuffed bunny to go with it, and we got him sidewalk chalk, eggs filled with Hershey kisses, and "The Story of Easter" book! Konnor is too young to really understand what Easter is all about. All he knew was he was having fun!!
After the egg hunt, we went to church. I don't even know why I bother applying mascara (or any makeup at all) before I go to church! I am always so moved by the music and message that I end up crying! I need to take a box of Kleenex with me! Our church did something this year called "The Big Miracle" where people would walk up in front of everyone holding a piece of paper saying something like "I was addicted to drugs." and then they would flip it over and it would say something like "I've been clean for 14 years." The premise was to share the "Big Miracle" in their life that they are thankful to God for. It. was. amazing! People like to say that God doesn't preform miracles anymore like in the Bible, but WE are the miracles!! The last person to share his miracle was a man in his 30's with Down Syndrome. He didn't have a sign, he just simply walked to the stage and pointed to his shirt that said "The Big Miracle". He just stood there pointing and looking so confident and joyful like, "Here I am, and I'm a miracle!" *Cue bawling my eyes out!*
After church, we went to Ciera and Jamie's house for another HUGE egg hunt! There were 12 kids and if I remember correctly, almost 180 eggs (plastic and real!). Konnor once again, had a blast!

Konnor and Steve :)
Konnor and Momma!!! (Note the chocolate on his mouth!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!



  1. awww...I love your posts! And your make up looks great!!

  2. So stinking cute!!! Love the colors of the eggs... a true artist!!! Can't wait til May

  3. Michelle,
    Happy Easter!
    Thanks for sharing this blog with us. It is great to see Konnor growing up (and you and Steve too).