Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Learning to Shave with Konnor!

 Today was a big day for Steve! Konnor decided it would be the perfect day to teach Daddy how to shave his face like a big boy! Konnor taught Steve how to put on shaving cream (in hind sight, use whipped cream on a small person's face!), how to warm up the razor, how to shave, and how to rinse!
Konnor watching Daddy in order to make sure he is practicing the correct technique...
 "I'm a pro at this!" (The razor Konnor has has the cap ON!)
"Oops daddy, you missed a spot!"

Ok, ok...here's what REALLY happened!!!

Hope you enjoyed watching this because I sure did!
p.s. Konnor is fine after "eating" some of the shaving cream!


  1. So adorable! At least now you can tell Konnor he was such a big boy that he started shaving when he was just about 2 :)

  2. I did learn alot that day...i learned not to use real shaving cream on Konnor.. he eats it...lol but in his defense it doooes have a little sweetness to it. :)

  3. Aww K-man is growing up too fast. I miss you guys!