Sunday, April 1, 2012

WHAT is Konnor doing?!

Let's play a little game called "WHAT is Konnor doing?!" I'll put 3 options of what Konnor could be doing in these recent pictures, and you, lovely reader, comment with what you think the correct answer is! Don't worry, this will be easy!!
Is Konnor...
a) Hijacking a car?
b) Playing pretend and being a "cool dude" in mommy and daddy's "new" car?
c) Taking toddler driving lessons?
Is Konnor...
a)Eating an apple while daddy buckles him in?
b) Making kissy faces at a nearby girl?
c) What? He always looks like that!
Is Konnor...
a)Training to be a botanist?
b) Working as a gardener?
c) Posing with daddy after Palm Sunday service at church?
Is Konnor...
a)inspecting his new, giant bag of Megablocks?
b)Practicing juggling?
c)Deciding which block looks the tastiest?

Is Konnor...
a) Dancing with a robot he built?
b) Singing into a microphone stand he built?
c) Launching a rocket ship he built?

Is Konnor...
a) The victim of a skin disorder?
b) Showing his wounds from a pen attack?
c) Showing off his new abstract "tattoo" he did himself?

Is Konnor...
a)Happily eating his lunch outside on a beautiful day?
b) Showing off his worm collection?
c) Gone zombie, eating brains?/
Is Konnor...
a)Joining a stroller derby team?
b)Trying really hard to shoot lasers out of his eyes?
c) Having a snack after we took a walk to the Kwik Shop?
Is Konnor...
a) being adorable?
b) being adorable?
c) being adorable?

And that's it folks, the end of our game! If you got them all right you win.....a virtual high five!! Yay!
b, a, c, a, b, c, a, c, all of the above!

Thanks for playing!


1 comment:

  1. I was right!!! I especially like that I got the last one right, when there were so many hard choices to make for that pic :) 60 days til vaca!