Saturday, August 4, 2012

20 weeks pregnant and back with a blog post!

In the last 5 months since I posted, a lot has happened for our little family!
We found out we are going to have a new little baby!
Get it? A bun in the oven!
We moved into a new (rental) house!!
Back when our weeds were still green!
  Konnor went to his first carnival!
Driving a boat at the Cinco De Mayo carnival!
I got a JOB!
And Konnor turned TWO YEARS OLD!!
We take his picture wearing this sweater every year!
And here are some random pictures I got off of my phone over the last month or so:

Konnor lining up his dinos (and an elephant and a lizard lol)
Konnor "reading" a "book" while on the potty!
What our poor backyard looks like...
Konnor happily playing with his sand and water table!
Steve "practicing" for our baby girl with a friend's new little girl...
Konnor and Ernie in Walmart, Konnor got a new hat!
My precious little fluffy-head taking a nap...
I was trying to show how he creepily sleeps with his eyes open, but I couldn't get a good shot!
And...I debated on posting this picture or not because I look terrible! Taking a picture of yourself in a mirror that is leaning up against the wall is NOT flattering! Hahaha...but this is me and baby girl at 20 weeks...look how HUGE-MONGOUS I am already! EEK!

Well there you are, a BIG update! I'm going to TRY to keep up on my blog again because I did it for my pregnancy with Konnor so it's only fair to baby girl if I do the same for her!

Til' next time,


  1. A lot has happened for you in the passed few mos. You have a wonderful lil' family and we were glad to have met you guys :)

  2. Yay! A new blog post and you look beautiful Michelle!!!

  3. I knew it!!!!!! I was just thinking about you this morning and was like "I bet she is preggers with a girl!! " And I didn't even know you were pregnant. I'm giving up now, my typing sucks and teh backspace key doesn't want to work anymore. but YAYYYYY!!!!!