Monday, August 27, 2012


We've got bellies growing and fur a flyin'! Lots of ch-ch-ch-changes (Am I the only one who sings that part? haha) around here! I keep getting bigger and bigger, the doggies look totally different after a haircut, my sissy-poo is moving her from Michigan in 6 days, and we have even been changing the way our house looks (aka trying my hand at "decorating"). Here's me and baby girl at 22 weeks and some days:
Me and Konnor, who is changing every day! He learns new words and things every single day. His newest "trick" is saying his name when you ask him what it is, except he says "Nonnor"!
Steve was trying to take some "nice" pregnancy pictures of me since we had such pretty lighting coming through the window, but he was making me laugh SO HARD that most of them look like this:
Me crying and trying not to laugh any more!
I think this is the best one he got!
On now to Trixie (left) and Widget (right) who were in DIRE NEED of a grooming!

We took them to the "Mutt Hut" and the lady there did a great job (and she didn't charge us an arm and a leg either)! Now they finally look super cute and cuddly and are a lot happier:
I'll leave you with the "happy-dog-rolling-on-the-carpet" picture!

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  1. That is super exciting that your sister is moving or has moved there. Why did she move? I'm so nosy and yet feel like I have missed so much :) You need to tweet more!!