Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to Look Like a Girl!

According to at least three people, this is how you make your 2-year old BOY look like a little GIRL!
#1 Blue Buzz Lightyear hat
#2 Treasure hunter shirt
#3 Blue and black plaid shorts
#4 Lightening McQueen shoes
#5 And oh yeah, longish hair

Apparently, that's the makings of a girly look! At least three people told Konnor they loved "her" hat and said "she" was so cute and asked how old "she"was! I don't know about you, but the kid in that picture above looks like a boy to me!
Here's Konnor giving mommy kisses at Wendy's! We went to Wendy's because I was craving a baked potato from there specifically and it just so happened to be the day when a local radio station was playing live at the restaurant so it was PACKED! Steve entered his name into a drawing they were having and he won a free t-shirt!
Aww, me and my precious little guy!

Bonus picture:
Konnor on a (RARE) rainy day! He looks like a little business man on his way to work! And yes, an old lady in Target asked Konnor where "she" got her little "slicker".

I guess if your hair is past your ears, you are automatically a girl around here...

'til next time,

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