Thursday, August 9, 2012

Konnor's first trip to the ER...

Konnor had his very first trip to the emergency room this morning (don't worry, he's okay now)! It all started when we were getting ready to go to WalMart to buy some things... I was in the bathroom washing my hands or something (I can't remember now) and Steve was in the living room. I hear Widget and Trixie come flying down the hallway and Konnor chasing after them. The next thing I know, Konnor trips and smashed his forehead into the "sticking out" corner of the wall right by the bathroom door!I heard a huge "SMACK" and he starts screaming. It took me all of 2 seconds to bend over and pick him up to assess the damage and this is what I saw:
It was even bigger in real life, like a literal egg under his skin!
His head had swollen up that much in about 3 seconds! Steve was right next to me by then and I said, "Grab my purse, we are going to the hospital!" Thankfully we had been getting ready to leave anyway so we were all dressed and ready to go. I slipped some shoes on and ran out to the car with Konnor in my arms and Steve right behind me. I was so scared because I had never seen an injury swell that big, that fast! Konnor had stopped crying and was acting normal by the time we pulled out of the driveway, but I wanted to get the "all clear" on him before Steve and I both had to go to work later. We tried to keep an ice pack on his head, but he wasn't too interested in that... At the hospital, they got him in pretty fast and decided, because of his age and how huge the bump was, that they would do a cat scan!

Konnor having fun while mommy is trying to stay calm!
After the swelling had gone down some...
Daddy trying to keep Konnor occupied while we waited to get the cat scan...
So we went to the cat scan room and they laid Konnor down on the table. I was right next to him, holding his little hand and Steve tried to explain to him that it was "ok", they were just going to take some pictures of him! They started putting on the little kid-sized lead vest when I was thinking, "Oh crap! I shouldn't be in here!" I asked the tech what I should do and she showed me where to stand in the little viewing room where I would be safe from the "beam". I felt so terrible that I couldn't be by my little baby's side while he was scared and in pain, but Steve took extremely good care of him (of course) and the techs said he was the best little 2 year old they had ever worked with! (I'm still a little worried about residual radiation in that room and the fact that they left the viewing room door OPEN while doing the cat scan...)

The doctor looked over his pictures and said his brain and skull looked fine and we were clear to go home. THANK GOD Konnor was going to be just fine (short of a massive bruise on his head)!

He is laying next to me right now taking a nap and baby girl (who doesn't have a name yet) is kicking away happily in my belly.

And that concludes Konnor's first trip to the ER and his first cat scan!

'til we go on our next adventure...


  1. OMG!!! I'm so glad he's ok!!!! <3<3<3

  2. Glad he is ok. I had a cat scan while pregnant with maddy, you had less exposure than we did so I'm sure you're ok ;)