Thursday, January 31, 2013

My 1st Throwback Thursday

Today is Thursday. In the blogging world, Thursday is known as "Throwback Thursday", a day when bloggers near and far post pictures from their yesteryears. I've always wanted to do a Throwback Thursday post, but by the time I thought about it, it wasn't Thursday anymore! Today I am going to do it, my first Throwback Thursday. So I didn't want to just post a collection of random old pictures, so I'm going with a little "theme". I was inspired by little Natalie and decided to go WAY back and start at the beginning when I was but I wee babe... 
This is my dad holding little ol' me and possibly trying to burp me? It looks like I'm rocking a Mohawk even! A Mohawk (my auto-correct is saying that word needs to be capitalized? Ok...) and a little white dress. Awesome. I just love this picture.
Here is me and my mom (and our PURPLE...possible maroon (EDIT: my mom informed me that the couch was MAUVE)...sectional couch that I LOVED and still love and want a sectional couch desperately because of) sitting on the floor for no apparent reason except to look cute? Look at my little jumper! When I look at old pictures all I can think of is weird things like, "Wow, we had a big living room!", and "Is that lotion on the floor?". Yes. Weird.

Geez, after looking at these pictures for a while, I guess little Natalie really does look like me! Score! :D

'til next time,

p.s. I have been working on a different blog post for about 3 days now, but I've got to get Steve's help to get a few pictures for it! I'll post it soon hopefully!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A "Behind the Scenes" Look at Our Current Life!

Maybe two or three people who read this blog remember a time when I wanted to be a journalist. I wrote some articles for my hometown newspaper and made it to my third semester of journalism classes in college before I decided the profession wasn't for me. I couldn't stand the strict deadlines and having to report news that was not interesting to me in the least. I didn't want to be a reporter, I wanted to be a writer! I wanted to inspire, entertain, and educate others. I changed my major from Journalism to Social Work so I could try to do those things, but that major didn't really work out either. So here I am with a degree in Independent Studies and this blog as one of my only outlets.

So like I said before, I wanted to inspire, entertain, and educate. Growing up, I loved to read and this is going to sound really...superficial, but I loved reading magazines. Being primarily raised by my dad,  if I wanted to learn how to apply mascara, put together an outfit, or curl my hair, I wasn't going to be learning from him! I looked to fashion magazines to teach me how to do those things and while learning those "superficial" skills I was also inspired by the articles and stories about self confidence, strength, bravery, and loving yourself for who you are. Those articles and stories truly helped me and I wanted to use words to help others as well.

This post is one of those "want to help others" posts. A lot of times, as I have written about before here, moms (dads, women, men, EVERYONE) can feel like they aren't "good enough". They are constantly comparing themselves to what they see around them, especially with things like Facebook and blogs showing off the best of others' lives. I was thinking about this quote last night and it happened to show up on my Facebook news feed today:
It's so true! Everyone online or on TV only shows the best of themselves. They only tag themselves in the best pictures, only write statuses about the perfect things going on in their lives, only write about how their children are behaving perfectly, etc and that's completely normal. Everyone wants to put their "best face forward"! However, this natural human tendency can leave the viewers feeling "less than".
I am one of the first people to admit that I am in no way perfect. I do post a lot about the good things that are happening in our life, but I don't post about the tantrums, the lost tempers, the tears, and the arguments very much. This inspired me to do a "Day in the Life" post so I could share what a day in my life is actually like (and what life with a 3 week old is like!). I chronicled all of yesterday and then realized that it was a terrible day to use as an example! For starters, it was Steve's day off, so you don't get the part where I struggle with two kids for eight hours while he is at work. Also, for some magical reason, Natalie slept for most of the day. I also didn't do a very good job at "chronicling"...did I mention the part where I'm not a good reporter? I'll start at midnight and end at midnight...

Midnight: Nurse the baby
3 something: Nurse the baby
6 something: Nurse the baby
8:30am: We all woke up and I nursed the baby.
9:30am: Actually got out of bed and had breakfast. Konnor watched Sesame Street while Steve and I putzed around and talked for a while about what we were going to do that day.

Eating cereal for breakfast!
10:15am Nursed the baby
11:00am I got to take a shower!! Woo-hoo! While I did that, Steve cleaned out the fridge.
12:00pm Made peppermint cookies (just the refrigerated dough kind, not home made!)
12:20pm Nursed the baby
1:00pm Nursed the baby, then Steve tried to get some burps out. Konnor is watching Word World (which you can see in the background) and he actually took this picture.
1:30pm: We were going to have pizza for dinner so we started making the pizza dough early.
Helping daddy put the ingredients into the bread machine.
2:00pm: Natalie was napping in her bouncer so I tried to clean like a mad woman while Konnor watched The Lion King. Steve gave the dogs a much needed bath.
3:00pm: Natalie started getting fussy and I thought she was hungry so I picked her up to feed her, but she fell asleep in my arms.
3:20pm: Nurse the baby. Steve cuts up the veggies for the pizza.
3:45pm Roll out the pizza dough and make the stuffed crust.
Konnor loves helping roll out the dough.
Making the stuffed crust...OoOoO Stuffed Crust! Bonus points if you know what movie that is from!

4:20 Bake the pizzas.

4:30 Katarra brought over some food she bought for us on her latest couponing adventure.

5:00pm: Nurse the baby
My cheese-less pizza since I've had to go dairy-free for Natalie's sake.

5:15pm: Konnor finally goes down for a nap. Ok, this is the part I didn't want to write about. Yes, my kid naps extremely late. He is supposed to nap at 3pm, but if he's just not tired, what am I supposed to do, tranq him? I'm not going to drug him out just so he fits into my schedule. Around 5pm is when he just naturally got tired on this day. If I try to force him to stay awake, it's hell for all of us. Tired Konnor is not a Konnor anyone wants to be around. We are just a family of night owls, but sometimes Konnor is a little more night owly than the rest of us.
5:30pm Steve and I did more cleaning and tried to relax a little while Konnor slept.
Early evening and the living room still looks like this. The kitchen and dining room were cleaned though!

6:50pm Nursed the baby
7:00pm We watched American Idol. This is only the 2nd season I have ever watched. My mom got me watching it last year and now I really like it!
7:30pm Konnor had been awake for a little while, but he finally emerged from his bedroom.
8:00pm We continued cleaning and watched some of Glee. We had a spontaneous dance party in the living room to the Glee songs!
9:50pm Nursed the baby
11:00pm Nursed the baby. We started getting ready for bed around this time. We get everyone fresh diapers, fresh pjs, brush teeth, and start having "quiet time" where Konnor has to read books or color or some other quiet activity.  We put him in bed, but I won't even tell you what time he actually fell asleep because it doesn't fit on this time line.
12:00am Nursed the baby
Quiet coloring time
So that was 24 hours with the Dixon family. It wasn't glamorous or perfect. There was bad behavior, diaper blow outs, Steve and I getting attitudes with each other, Konnor waking up the baby a million times, and more. There were also smiles, hugs, laughter, dancing, cuddling, and lots of love. Those parts are my 'highlight reel", even if they seem pretty "ho-hum" to someone else. Every family and person is different and everyone has their "behind-the-scenes" that they probably just aren't sharing with the world. Hopefully, if you have been feeling like your life just isn't up to par compared to everyone else's, remember this post and that quote and remember that everyone has hum-drum parts of their life that they just aren't sharing. Even the Kardashians have to film for a whole week in order to make a one-hour episode entertaining!

Hopefully this was helpful for at least one person out there who reads this blog!

'Til next time,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Many Faces Of Natalie Jane

 I've been trying to type this blog for a couple of days now, but couldn't get two free hands to do it!  Natalie has been very fussy, whiny, crying, and gassy the two days before yesterday. I think it was because I was eating dairy and she must be sensitive to it. I gave up all dairy (except yogurt, because it has the bacteria in it break down the milk protein? Ok, I don't know if that's true, but these are the things I tell myself). She did much better yesterday so I'm pretty sure it was the milk. are some pictures of the little faces Nattie is known to make:

 Happy girl!
 Silly girl!
 "What-EVER Mom!!!" Haha, can't wait for that one!
 Natalie got her first piece of mail! She got her own Social Security number, not like it even matters, because I highly doubt there will be a Social Security program when she gets old!
 Konnor got his second hair cut ever. He got a sucker from the stylist because he was such a good boy :D
 My current "manicure". These are the Sally Hansen nail sticker things and let me just say, they are really not worth the $8-$9 they cost! I would pay like, $4 or $5 next time (maybe I can find some on clearance? Find a coupon?) The directions weren't very clear at all and they were ripping left and right. They look pretty awesome though!
 Look at how big she has gotten! She's almost in 0-3 months clothes now instead of Newborn size. She is also out of Newborn diapers, she was soaking a diaper every hour or two! (She's not that orange as the picture makes her was just the lighting in the room!
 Trying to take a nice family picture (sans Nat who was already strapped into her car seat), but someone had the camera zoomed in and we didn't know it!
Photographic evidence of why she was left out of our picture...have to document these types of things so later in life, when she can read, she doesn't say, "Where was I Mom?!"

If you actually made it this far, I apologize for the awful grammar and syntax. I am typing this a mile a minute while Natalie is sleeping in her car seat. We got all ready to go out and run errands and then the car wouldn't start. I'm typing this as the battery charges!

Ok, until next time...


Friday, January 18, 2013

I Think We Have A Muffin Problem!

Yesterday was a Thursday, so we made muffins for breakfast. We will use any excuse to make muffins it seems (seriously, if you are my friend on Facebook, you know how much we love to bake)! At first I thought we would have to forgo the muffins because I discovered that all of our eggs were frozen! Apparently there is an invisible line in our fridge and anything behind the line freezes rock solid and anything in front of it is just fine and dandy. Seriously, the first six eggs in the carton were perfect, and the back six were frozen! When I thought my muffin dreams were squashed, I decided I had to start my day off right with some cereal in my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bowl!
You are jealous.
Then my sister saved the day and brought us over some eggs! I've had this Salted Caramel Pumpkin Muffins recipe up on my computer for at least a week now and I've been dying to try them because, come on, PUMPKIN and CARAMEL. Nuff' said.
Here is Steve, grumpily measuring out some spices.
Then we traded "shifts" and I was working on the mix while Steve tended to le kiddos. I didn't know he was taking this photo nor do I approve of it, BUT hey, this is me 2 weeks postpartum. And it's Steve's payback for me taking his picture with his glasses on (he hates that!).

My view while we wait for the muffins to bake:
Natalie sitting in her swing just long enough to be photographed! We try to hold her as much as possible because A) you can't spoil an infant by loving on them too much and B) Who wouldn't want to hold such a cute little snugglebug!?
Konnor beginning to fulfill his duty of "destroy the living room"...
Then Konnor ran off to play hide and seek which basically means he randomly disappears and then starts screaming "MOM! DAD! MOM! DAD!" until one of us finds him. This is where Steve and Natalie found him! (Check the end of the post for an exclusive blog video of this!)
Here's Natalie, passed out on my chest...
And finally, the muffins are done!
Konnor's favorite part of baking! Licking the spoons, bowls, whisks, spatulas, etc!
After we devoured the muffins, we headed outside to play and soak up some sunshine! It was a beautiful day yesterday with temperatures in the mid 50's!

Later on that evening, we got some Sonic for dinner and watched American Idol (I don't even care, judge me all you want!) Konnor got a hold of the camera and decided to document dinnertime:

Then after that, we watched Brave which we rented from Red Box. It was a really good movie! I suggest you watch it if you haven't already!

So that was our day yesterday and today we are going on our first grocery shopping trip since before Natalie was born! I'm basically terrified, especially because the grocery store doesn't really have a place to sit and nurse the baby and I'm NOT doing it in a bathroom...EW! Wish us luck!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Coffee Please!!!

YES! MORE COFFEE PLEASE! Due to breast feeding, I don't get to hook myself up to a caffeine IV like I want to, but I do get about one cup of the good stuff per day! My mom bought me this coffee mug a few years ago and it is perfect for how I'm feeling today...
Steve made me this cup of coffee before he left for work today while I was passed out in bed with Natalie and let me tell you it is like a cup of coffee straight from God's coffee pot! Haha, it's delicious! It's like drinking a cup of LOVE! Anyone who knows me, knows that I like my coffee to taste like I am drinking a doughnut. I don't even like coffee, I like cream, sugar, and caffeine! This tastes awesome and is exactly what I needed after getting exactly 0.0 hours of sleep last night! I nurse the baby in bed at night and she fell asleep in the crook of my arm (controversial, I know). I kept waking up every 5 seconds to check on her and make sure she was breathing. I should have just gotten my lazy butt up out of bed and put her in her crib (two feet from our bed) and turned on the Angel Care monitor, but instead I would see/hear her breathing and zonk right back out for another 5 seconds before I was awake again checking on her breathing. Crazy me!

So other than me being sleep deprived, not a whole lot has been going on since my last post. Either I'm going to update every other day with pointless, random crapola or I'm going to update like, once a month when something actually interesting happens in our lives! Anyway, here's what we did last night...

I have my amazing leopard print purse (designed by Kandee Johnson!) and I have my zebra print diaper bag (animal print obsessed? Me?! Never!) so I decided to clean out both of them and stock the diaper bag to keep in the car and only have a few baby/toddler things in my purse. I was GOING to make another "What's in my purse/diaper bag?" posts like I did shortly after Konnor was born (here), BUT then I realized that I'm exhausted, so I didn't take enough pictures for that! Here is the contents of my purse though! We have lots of napkins, pens, mascara, carmex, lotion, deodorant, antibacterial wipes, a first aid kit, more lotion, more lip balm, a wet bag, and a bunch of other random things. I have a very exciting purse.
One of the things hiding in my purse was Konnor's camo sunglasses. Gosh, he's so adorable :)
Here is le kiddo #2 sleeping peacefully on my lap as I type this blog. See, people with more than one kid that have all girls or all boys can say "my girls" or "my boys" when talking about their kids as a collective, but I can't do that so I decided to go with le kiddos. I only took one year of French about 9 years ago so I don't know if that's supposed to be les kiddos or le kiddos, but I'm using the word "kiddos" so I'm positive it doesn't matter! Haha!
I actually did my make up yesterday (attempting to feel more human and less zombie-mom) so I thought it was a good time to get a picture of myself with 2/3 of my favorite humans EVER!
Precious little kisses from my precious little man! Aside from that, look at my hair! That sudden change from dark to light is not some shadow business, that is my hair! Haha, I didn't do one thing to my hair the whole time I was pregnant so the "dark" part is my natural color. It's ashy light brown/auburn with copper pieces all around my forehead and ears. I honestly didn't even know what my natural hair color was until now! I decided that I actually like it, but I'm not sure what to do about the blonde bits at the end because I don't want to chop off 3-4 inches of hair in order to rid myself of them. Yeah, my life is so hard.

Ok, until the next random, slightly boring post...