Monday, January 7, 2013

Dixon Family Christmas 2012

I know you love the super witty and clever post title I came up with this Christmas! Haha, give me a break though, I'm typing this with one hand, holding a week old baby and cuddling with a 2.5 year old. Today is Steve's first day back to work, so its my first day home alone with both kids!
Anyway... on to Christmas 2012 which I didn't take that many pictures of, unfortunately. I was feeling horrendous. At that point, baby was 4 days over due and I had REALLY wanted to have her before Christmas so it took everything I had not to be depressed on Christmas!
Konnor, fresh out of bed, waiting to open presents!

Happy with his new Veggie Tales movie!
Discovering that his Curious George coloring book has stickers in it!
Yummy gummies! I was so proud of Konnor, he knew how to hold up his presents for the camera!
This year, I made Steve a "Man Bouquet" (got the idea from Pinterest!") He loved it!
Konnor happily checking out another movie...The Lorax!
Konnor got a bunch of Crayola Color Wonder stuff, Dinosaur and other coloring books, FOUR Veggie Tales movies, and The Lorax. He also got a fish tank and is supposed to be getting fish, but the tank ended up having a crack in it and we have yet to return it to the store.

Steve got me an Audrey Hepburn calendar (love!) and filled my stocking with goodies :) He also got me a year subscription to Glamour magazine, my favorite!

Next we traveled a very long time to arrive and Grandma Melody and Grandpa Jim's house...
Here you can see my mom, Jim, Konnor in his Santa hat, and me and Steve's feet.  Festive. and Steve. I love him so much :)

Konnor opening his HUGE playhouse from Grandma and Grandpa. This thing is HUGE HUGE HUGE!!! We set it up in our living room and it took up most of the room! Big, pregnant me, Steve, Konnor, and both dogs fit in it with room to spare!

I can't exactly see what Konnor is doing in this picture, but a wrapping paper fight started shortly after this was taken between Konnor, my Mom, and Jim! Konnor had more fun during the paper fight than he did opening all of his gifts!
All done!!

Steve and I both got a BIG crock pot so now we can make even MORE food! YAY! I got the 6th season of Psych, and a Soda Stream machine (which is awesome btw!) I know there is more, but my brain is fried right now! I have been writing this blog all day! My sister bought me a gift certificate to get a set of eyelash extensions! I am SUPER EXCITED to get them done, but I had to wait until after Natalie was born to get them. Steve got 2 pairs of comfy pjs, a knife and fire starter, and a griddle! Now he can make me pancakes more often! :D

My goodness, this was hard to get done! I've either been holding or nursing Natalie, changing diapers, taking Konnor to the potty, making snacks, getting pulled in 50 directions so Konnor can show me something, letting the dogs outside, folding laundry, washing laundry (they haven't made it to the dryer yet!) and telling Konnor "LEAVE HER ALONE!" about 500 times. The second she falls asleep, he feels compelled to give her "kisses" and pat her on the head and try to "tickle" her and wakes her up! I'm beat!

Coming soon...
Natalie's Birth post!!

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  1. Yay!! I got my fix..Now I won't have to bug you for the birth post..Although I will be waiting!

    Also, Maddy has that Fisher Price car amusement park thing. The cars are super cheap. She got it free from House Party..You should check out that site and apply to host some parties.