Friday, January 18, 2013

I Think We Have A Muffin Problem!

Yesterday was a Thursday, so we made muffins for breakfast. We will use any excuse to make muffins it seems (seriously, if you are my friend on Facebook, you know how much we love to bake)! At first I thought we would have to forgo the muffins because I discovered that all of our eggs were frozen! Apparently there is an invisible line in our fridge and anything behind the line freezes rock solid and anything in front of it is just fine and dandy. Seriously, the first six eggs in the carton were perfect, and the back six were frozen! When I thought my muffin dreams were squashed, I decided I had to start my day off right with some cereal in my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bowl!
You are jealous.
Then my sister saved the day and brought us over some eggs! I've had this Salted Caramel Pumpkin Muffins recipe up on my computer for at least a week now and I've been dying to try them because, come on, PUMPKIN and CARAMEL. Nuff' said.
Here is Steve, grumpily measuring out some spices.
Then we traded "shifts" and I was working on the mix while Steve tended to le kiddos. I didn't know he was taking this photo nor do I approve of it, BUT hey, this is me 2 weeks postpartum. And it's Steve's payback for me taking his picture with his glasses on (he hates that!).

My view while we wait for the muffins to bake:
Natalie sitting in her swing just long enough to be photographed! We try to hold her as much as possible because A) you can't spoil an infant by loving on them too much and B) Who wouldn't want to hold such a cute little snugglebug!?
Konnor beginning to fulfill his duty of "destroy the living room"...
Then Konnor ran off to play hide and seek which basically means he randomly disappears and then starts screaming "MOM! DAD! MOM! DAD!" until one of us finds him. This is where Steve and Natalie found him! (Check the end of the post for an exclusive blog video of this!)
Here's Natalie, passed out on my chest...
And finally, the muffins are done!
Konnor's favorite part of baking! Licking the spoons, bowls, whisks, spatulas, etc!
After we devoured the muffins, we headed outside to play and soak up some sunshine! It was a beautiful day yesterday with temperatures in the mid 50's!

Later on that evening, we got some Sonic for dinner and watched American Idol (I don't even care, judge me all you want!) Konnor got a hold of the camera and decided to document dinnertime:

Then after that, we watched Brave which we rented from Red Box. It was a really good movie! I suggest you watch it if you haven't already!

So that was our day yesterday and today we are going on our first grocery shopping trip since before Natalie was born! I'm basically terrified, especially because the grocery store doesn't really have a place to sit and nurse the baby and I'm NOT doing it in a bathroom...EW! Wish us luck!



  1. It was a really good blog, especially the bonus ending. It's a good thing you don't run credits because I didn't get credit that the eggs that Sister brought that saved the day were mine. lol Sonic? Sonic? Hmmm.... I don't remember eating Sonic last night. Oh that's right, we didn't get any. lol I did get a delicious muffin though & 2 beautiful grandkids. :)

  2. Oh please mom! lol, you are off getting Sonic right now without us so WHERE'S MINE?! Hahaha!!! :D