Friday, January 11, 2013

New Years Resolutions (That I Never Make!)

I don't make New Years Resolutions. I'm already stressed out enough as it is, why should I make some promise to myself that I will achieve some ridiculous goal that will only add more stress to my life and eventually swallow me with guilt when I don't keep said promise? thanks. If I want to lose weight or learn a new language, I'll do it when I want to, because I want to, not because it's that time of year when I'm supposed to promise myself that I will and then feel terrible when I break my "resolution". With all of that being said, I'm going to TRY to update this blog more often. I completely failed at updating it while pregnant with Natalie, so I can at least TRY to update it more now that she's here. Don't hold me to that though because it just took me FOREVER to type out what you've already read because I had to feed the baby (still takes both hands at this point) and then keep Konnor away from her long enough so she could sleep a little. Yeah...she's now awake because Konnor would not leave her alone, would not stop jumping off the couch right next to her bouncer making a huge BOOM sound, and wouldn't stop screaming at the top of his lungs. Awesome.
How precious is this outfit? Seriously, she looks like a tiny, adorable baby doll! The picture is so blurry because SOMEONE put his little fingers all over the lens last time he was playing photographer...
Crazy brother and grumpy "Why the heck did you wake me up for this?!" sister.
Baby Natalie smiling at Daddy....or farting on Daddy, whichever!
"Get this guy away from me Mom!!" Hahaha!
Konnor is helping Daddy make pancakes (the best and most fluffiest pancakes EVER!)
And the little princess who is looking MUCH less orange and Oompa Loompa-like. She's just so beautiful, I can't stand it!

It's Steve's day off today AND it's supposed to be 64ยบ! Hopefully if we ever get breakfast accomplished (yes, it's 10:46am and we are still working on breakfast...we have a messed up schedule) maybe we will make it outside today and I can shower you with some outdoors pictures tomorrow...or the next day! :D


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  1. I can't believe how much she has changed ALREADY!!! <3<3 Can't wait for more posts :):)