Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Saturday Morning!

Saturday mornings to us are just like regular work-week mornings because Steve works on Saturdays, but this specific Saturday was special because we woke up to find six wild turkeys roaming through our yard! This probably wouldn't be special or surprising at all if we didn't live in the middle of town! We don't even live in a quiet neighborhood, we live by a busy street that is right next to a busy highway! McDonalds, Arby's, the Mall, and a bunch of hotels are a stone's throw away, but here are these wild turkeys in our yard like it ain't no thang.
This picture features Konnor's beautiful bedhead because there's just no time to brush your hair when you are watching the turkeys in your yard!
We call this piece "Turkeys Through A Screen"...very artsy! Haha!
This Saturday morning was also special because we made...ok, I made...Blueberry Muffins for breakfast! Yummy :) It was super easy to do because the night before, Steve and I made this muffin mix from my Make-A-Mix cook book. It has the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, shortening, etc already in it and ready to go. You just mix some of this...
With this (Milk, egg, blueberries)...put in in the muffin baking sheet, and bake! I didn't take any pictures of the muffins when they were done because they were eaten in about 5 seconds!
So everyone seems to think that we are super normal and that all of our pictures look like this:
BUT, in reality...when no one is looking...we look like this:  
The REAL Dixon Family...minus Mom :)
And here we have the little princess Natalie, obviously impressed by something next to her swing! I love this little face that newborn babies make!
And here we have Konnor's "I will cut you" face...but 2 seconds later...
We have a happy face!
After all the muffin eating and getting everyone dressed and ready to go (which takes forever because it's cold outside and we have 2 kids in car seats in a 2 door sports car)... we went to "design" some hair bows for Natalie (a woman on the local "Buy, Sell, Trade" site makes them), and we went to Target to buy some diapers and a Puj tub. A) Diapers are damn expensive (I don't like to use our cloth until the baby reaches about 10lbs) and B) Target apparently doesn't sell the Puj tub anymore :(

So that was our Saturday morning and now we are working on our Sunday morning...everyone is getting bathed, we are going to WalMart to buy some "gripe water" for the baby, and we might even make it to IHOP because we have a "Buy 1 entree, get 1 free" coupon! Yippee!!


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