Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Many Faces Of Natalie Jane

 I've been trying to type this blog for a couple of days now, but couldn't get two free hands to do it!  Natalie has been very fussy, whiny, crying, and gassy the two days before yesterday. I think it was because I was eating dairy and she must be sensitive to it. I gave up all dairy (except yogurt, because it has the bacteria in it that...help break down the milk protein? Ok, I don't know if that's true, but these are the things I tell myself). She did much better yesterday so I'm pretty sure it was the milk. Anyway...here are some pictures of the little faces Nattie is known to make:

 Happy girl!
 Silly girl!
 "What-EVER Mom!!!" Haha, can't wait for that one!
 Natalie got her first piece of mail! She got her own Social Security number, not like it even matters, because I highly doubt there will be a Social Security program when she gets old!
 Konnor got his second hair cut ever. He got a sucker from the stylist because he was such a good boy :D
 My current "manicure". These are the Sally Hansen nail sticker things and let me just say, they are really not worth the $8-$9 they cost! I would pay like, $4 or $5 next time (maybe I can find some on clearance? Find a coupon?) The directions weren't very clear at all and they were ripping left and right. They look pretty awesome though!
 Look at how big she has gotten! She's almost in 0-3 months clothes now instead of Newborn size. She is also out of Newborn diapers, she was soaking a diaper every hour or two! (She's not that orange as the picture makes her seem...it was just the lighting in the room!
 Trying to take a nice family picture (sans Nat who was already strapped into her car seat), but someone had the camera zoomed in and we didn't know it!
Photographic evidence of why she was left out of our picture...have to document these types of things so later in life, when she can read, she doesn't say, "Where was I Mom?!"

If you actually made it this far, I apologize for the awful grammar and syntax. I am typing this a mile a minute while Natalie is sleeping in her car seat. We got all ready to go out and run errands and then the car wouldn't start. I'm typing this as the battery charges!

Ok, until next time...



  1. It should have said precious girl under all the pictures. Great pictures!!!!

  2. She is so cute, Michelle, and I love her name!! I bet Konnor loves being a big brother! xo