Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

It was 62 and sunny today so we took advantage of the beautiful weather to go outside and play in the sunshine!
Natalie took the oppurtunity to snooze outside in her carseat.
 Konnor outside collecting his treasures!
I swear our yard must have been a junk yard at one point. The ground here isn't like it is in Michigan. First of all, grass in Michigan just grows everywhere and is super green and beautiful without having to water or fertilize it. Here, there is no grass. You have weeds if you are lucky! Haha! So there is nothing to hold the dirt in place. Also, at least in my yard, there is no soil. There is dust. So everytime is rains, it's like a brand new treasure hunt for Konnor in our backyard. The rain brings up all kinds of new things. We probably could have filled a wheel barrow by now with things that have come up in the backyard. I even found an old Ricky Martin cassette!
Konnor playing with his sand and water table! He still loves this thing!
The little princess eventually woke up!
And that was our outside adventure today! I'm still working on that blog post I was working on last time, but it's coming soon!
My computer isn't working still, but I ordered a new power cord yesterday so it should be here within 3-7 days :)
Right now I'm using my sister's computer and it only has Internet Explorer (Ew!) so editing this blog was kind of difficult and I couldn't edit any of the pictures.
ALSO!! Very important...well not really, but I need YOUR opinions. Ok, some of you know how much I love make up and beauty related things. I always think of really neat beauty-related things to make blogs posts about, but I'm not sure anyone wants to read about those things. I was thinking of doing something like "Beauty Tuesdays" or something so I could post some of the things I want to, and if you aren't interested in that, you can ignore my blog on Tuesdays! How does that sound? Let me know or else I'm just going to do it and you won't have the right to complain! Mwahaha!

'til next time... -Michelle


  1. I would love beauty Tuesdays!! You know that I suck at all things beauty. hahaha I do love reading about them though!

  2. Sure do a beauty Tuesday. I probably won't follow it cuz I have a weird face but it will be fun reading it.

    Also, grass in Tecumseh doesn't grow..Ok it kind of does but if you ever dig under it, it's nothing but rock...

    1. Well there is more to beauty than just faces! There's nails, hair, clothes, shoes, and INNER beauty...can't forget that one!