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So I know that the title of this post is a little "risqué", what with saying "boob"and all, but it's something Steve says sometimes when he hands me the baby to feed her and I think it's hilarious. Or he will say "1, 2, 3...boob!" Hahaha... Apparently it's not even politically correct to say "breastfeed" anymore, you are supposed to say "nurse". Well, you all know how I'm a stickler for the rules!

 I know that this post isn't going to be for everyone because not everyone breastfeeds, (especially not the men who read this blog!) BUT I thought even if you don't breastfeed, you might have a friend or relative who does, you might do it in the future, or you might have a significant other who does or might in the future! Besides, knowledge is power so learn something new today!

I guess maybe for some people, breastfeeding is super easy from the get-go, but for me it's challenging in the beginning, even for baby #2. Not only did I have to remember what to do, I had to teach a new and completely different baby how to do it too. In the beginning, having one small latching problem can really cause some damage, but to me, it's worth the early struggles. because nursing can be such a challenge, especially for first-time moms or second time (or 3rd, 4th, 5th lol) moms who want to try breastfeeding, here are some "tips" that I found can make things easier!

Tip #1 Milkies Milk Saver
If you have no experience with lactation at all, then you are about to learn something new! Did you know that nursing mom's experience something called "let-down"?  It's what happens when the milk is released down to the nipple so the baby can access it. Even when the baby is only nursing on one side, milk lets down on BOTH sides and can leak out of the non-nursing nipple. Some women have a stronger let-down reflex than others. Some women don't leak any milk at all and some can leak between 1-4 oz during one feeding session! So what's a nursing woman to do while feeding her baby? She can either let the leaking milk soak her bra and shirt, she can wear nursing pads, OR use a milk saver!

I just recently learned about the Milk Saver and I love it. I'm one of those women who waste about 1-2oz of milk every time I feed the baby from the non-nursing side. I got sick of wasting milk and wasting money on so many nursing pads. This Milk Saver cost me $25 on Amazon.
It comes in this really nice (high quality) carrying case...

Before you start nursing, you put the Milk Saver on the non-nursing side, inside your bra or tank top. I think you can tell from looking at it where the nipple goes. Then you feed your baby like normal and the milk saver collects the milk from the other side instead of it being soaked up in a nursing pad and thrown away. The Milk Saver is made from some kind of silicone or something and it "sticks" to your skin, making a nice seal so no milk leaks out!
You can also take that square piece off and attach it to a milk bag if you leak more than 2oz at a time. I've been saving tons of milk this way without having to pump! Woo-hoo!

The carrying case also doubles as a stand so there is no crying over spilled milk!
The only negative things I can say about this are: don't forget that you have it in your bra after you nurse the baby! If you do forget, and you lean over to put the baby down, you will spill milk all over the baby and the mattress... I haven't learned that from experience or anything! lol.
Also, it seems to stretch out my bras or tanks a little bit, but they go back to normal after a little while. I bought mine on Amazon, but you can learn more at

Tip #2 GASP! Nursing is public!
I am super modest while nursing in public. I have mastered the art of being discreet. I used to use one of those huge, obvious nursing covers. Now I can't stand it! It makes what you are doing so obvious and it was awkward to work with. So how do you nurse without a huge cover, but still stay covered up? I have the answer!

The worst part about nursing in public, in my opinion, is having your back and stomach showing when you lift your shirt! I hate having any skin showing like that. A lot of women wear nursing tanks under their regular shirt so when they lift their shirt, the nursing tank covers their skin and they can still access what they need to access. Nursing tanks can be expensive though, at the least the ones that are of decent quality.

Well, here's what I do to fix that problem. I went to K-Mart during the beginning of Fall and bought a bunch of TUBE TOPS for about $1-$2 each (on clearance)! I just put the stretchy part of the tube top just underneath my bra (you could wear it regularly, but I found it squished me too tightly "up top") and let the flowing part cover your back and stomach. Then I wear a regular shirt over the tube top! Everything is covered AND accessible at the same time for a very low cost!

 Ok, so that's not my real bra in the picture, it's my one and only nursing tank, but you still get the point (I hope!). With this set up, all I use is a light receiving blanket while getting her latched on and after that, between the tube top, her head, and my shirt, everything is covered!

The reason this post took so long to complete was that one picture above! It took me forever to get that picture taken!

Ok, I hope this helped someone! Sorry I don't have any tips for bottle-feeding moms. I know of a few tips, but I figure that bottle-feeding moms already know those tips so it would be dumb of me to try and share them! I'll just stick to what I know!

'til next time...

In case you missed it, I got a whopping TWO positive responses (the only responses) for the Beauty Tuesday idea, so I'm going to do it!!

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