Thursday, February 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday...

 This is going to be a super speedy Throwback Thursday post because I am actually on my mom's computer while she is at work (Oh, hi mom! Hope you don't mind!) I'm supposed to be printing off tax documents so we can go to H&R Block, but I'm committed to this blog dang it! So here we go! Wow, look how shy and reserved I am here. Yeah...I've never really liked getting my picture taken as you can tell from this picture! Hahaha!! Seriously though, look at that ham and CHEESE! I look like I'm actually hurting my face smiling that hard!

Look how stylish and fashionable I was in my pink footie pajamas, gray ear muffs, white "wayfarers", and not one, but two bags! I'm ready for a night on the town! Haha, some things never change, I still feel like that's what most of my "outfits" that I put together look like. Well, the ones I used to wear before I got pregnant with Konnor and none of my clothes ever fit (ever again! sad face!)
I do have white sunglasses at home that are exactly like those ones though, maybe I'll wear them today when we go to H&R Block! Hahaha!

Til next time...when I promise I will post that blog I've been working on!

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