Monday, June 10, 2013

Surprise! Our First Video Blog!

About a week ago, on Facebook, I said we were working on something SPECIAL for the blog and now it's finally complete! We made our first video blog aka VLOG. Steve and I had been recording all week and had over an hour of footage! I whittled it down to a little over 13 minutes. I had to cut out some fun stuff like how we make our smoothies, building a worm compost, and building a couch cushion fort!

I apologize for the vertical format, these were all filmed on either my or Steve's iPod and we didn't even think about filming horizontally.
And for any Psych fans who read my blog, see if you can catch the Psych reference from Konnor!
Not going to type much else, since I'm speed typing this while Natalie naps. week in the life of the Dixon family!!

p.s. you can click on the "YouTube" button at the bottom right of the video in order to watch this LARGER on Youtube! Either leave comments here, on Facebook, or on Youtube (YouTube comments must be approved by me :))



  1. You can click on the little 4 cornered square thing to make it bigger without leaving the page.

    That was cute. I giggled a little....or a lot...

  2. I think I was bored because I watched the entire thing, lol.
    I like that Konnor: ate a cookie out of the grass, fell out of his wagon and then danced like a fool.
    Thank you for some good late night entertainment :)
    Let's get together when I get back!

  3. Awesome video love when Konnor's waking up and Nattiebutt is adorable as always